Last evening I finally had a conversation with my ex sis in law (well never married so technically not but you get the picture). I had spoken to Sir about my thoughts just a few weeks prior and He supported my choice and way of going about it, it was simply a waiting game after that.

I won’t go into details because they are too many and not important anyway but I will say that she has been taking advantage of me both in time and money for over two years now. My nephew is involved so putting him out in the cold is simply not an option but making my views clear was. And last evening she gave me the perfect opportunity to take care of business.

Related image The Bear was already home at the time but I didn’t realize He was listening. I very politely but firmly informed said ex sis in law about my issue and my thoughts on her treatment of me and the situation. She started making excuses as usual and I fought the urge to get a pitchfork and some boots …. and held my ground!

Seconds after she left I was attacked by a Bear! With a big @ss smile on His face as He picked me up and spun me around the kitchen …..

“I am sooo proud of you nijntje, what a good girl you are!”

That’s how you make a Bear proud of a bunny I guess, at least that’s one way! 😀

Unfortunately the Bear has a cold and His snoring kept me up last night …. making sleep impossible and giving my brain way tooo much time to relive old days! I guess the Bear has a bunny to care for …. *wink wink* hint hint …. tee hee

Love You Sir! Can’t wait til you’re home! ❤


Comments welcome! :D

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