Is this right ….?!?!

Is it commonly accepted that you will get punished for asking for help from your dominant when you find yourself in a bad situation, simply because it will alter His/Her plans to have to help you … ???

For example, you are to be out because it is their ‘alone time’ but have found yourself in a less than favorable position …. so you need to get back home. Is that a “punishable offense”?

I know my opinion, what’s yours?

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10 thoughts on “Is this right ….?!?!

  1. Subs willing hand over power as anything else is abuse. Would you willing give power to one who doesn’t have your best interest in mind? A good leader wouldn’t keep a follower at bay, they would summon them closer.

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    1. Would I give over power …? well …. I know you meant it rhetorically but …
      Personally I think that if you haven’t the mental stability or fortitude of character, on either and both sides, to figure out the D/s from the B/s you shouldn’t be in it.
      I also tend to have pretty high expectations of what constitutes a good leader, history has taught me to take no exceptions. But that’s just my personal story …

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  2. There should never ever ever be punishment for seeking safety from one’s partner. I don’t care what the dynamic is, that is inexcusable. When I am upset, Boyfriend is the first person I turn to. He is my safety and shelter. That is how it should be; if one cannot rely on one’s partner to aid them when needed, what is the point?

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  3. Okay, I commented, just gently because it seems they are very young and just starting to figure this out ….. but I hope they respond by looking further into the lifestyle they have chosen. It appears they have a lot of questions, I hope they go looking some where other than FSOG for information. :/


  4. I would hope that isn’t a punishable offense. If it is, the next time something like that happens, the person might stay in an unsafe environment, just to avoid punishment. Safety should always be the #1 rule.

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