When I started this blog I had chosen a name that reflected my personality both in and out of submission. I had tried to explain just how I came to be here and what makes me a bit different from the sites I have been able to find. And I felt like I was getting no where, so I gave it up.

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As things often do happen in life, I have made the acquaintance of a fellow blogger who asked that very question, how did I end up here, basically what is it about being His submissive that makes me tick? Well now that is very complicated …. but perhaps I will try my best again to describe ‘my’ feelings on the subject.

If you have been here at all you will know how I despise labels, so I hope you can understand the discomfort I have in putting these here but it is only to show anyone truly interested in learning what makes me tick. I am what people consider Self Actualized, all of those points fit me to a ‘T’, I am gifted, don’t forget the social issues at the bottom, and most recently I have found I am considered a Warrior Princess, and the personality group INTJ.

Each and every one of those things is in a very small number of the population and they all exist in me, so you can imagine why I eventually just gave up trying to explain. The first point basically made the idea of explaining irrelevant so if I hadn’t been asked I likely wouldn’t be doing it now.

I have always said that I submit to one and one only. I think that is a difficult concept for people to get here in submissive blog land. I don’t mean one at a time I mean One! I would never do this with anyone else and I have never been the submissive before. I simply don’t require it.

There is a saying in these parts, even in vanilla land that states ‘a happily married woman will not remarry’ and I have said this since the beginning. I have never had any intention of finding another partner (whatever that might entail). A happily married man they say will be searching for a wife almost certainly, so I suppose if something were to happen to me Sir would now be looking for a submissive….?!?! (thinking out loud there)

I needed to find a partner equality as strong and capable and once I did we set to building a life together, This D/s type relationship came about because it was needed to put our house in order, it makes ALL those in it happy and fulfilled and so it is here to stay.  It didn’t however happen until more than 15 years together …. it probably should have sooner? maybe we weren’t ready for this sooner? … but that’s in the past now. The basics were always there with Sir anyway, even if He didn’t know it at the time. I have always waited for His approval ….. it was the deepest darkest parts of me that He didn’t yet have. But if you have read all the links above you will see that I’m not really like anybody else. That much understanding takes time.

Our relationship is much more primal and instinct driven, not really what you find in books or in the ‘community’. A friend suggested once that I was a leader and He (Sir) the Ruler …. I think that was a pretty good analogy. A leader doesn’t follow just anyone and that is very much how I feel about it. But for now I need to get to work, so if anyone manages to read all of this …. I will get back to the explaining details about what I get out of this next. I’m pretty sure what the Dominant gets from a relationship is easy enough to find out there in blog land and they all hold true for Sir as well. I’m afraid I’m the only truly ODD DUCK here! LOL

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No worries, I’m used to it! tee hee

Love You Always Sir ❤


5 thoughts on “I had given up …. on trying to explain this.

  1. I love it. You don’t need to come up with just one complete post to explain who you are. You are more complex than could be handled in such a format. But you could write many smaller pieces that summed up really show who you are :).

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    1. Thank you, that would be my idea as well. It’s difficult to know what it is others don’t understand about you when no one asks … LOL It all seems pretty basic to me, but it is me!
      I will be borrowing from a blog I have just found in regards to questions I can answer …. it might even inspire others to ask, who knows! 😀

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