Why just one?

Image result for rabbit many hats

I’m an artist, a music lover, a business owner … I love math and science, I love to read. I am a mother, a counselor, a friend …

I can be your best ally and I can be your biggest curse. I am relentless, I am stubborn and I am fearless.

I am cautious and I’m a thinker …. I can be strong and tough as nails or I can be vulnerable and emotional ….

I’m a chef and I love to bake! And I hate to say it but I’m raising a ‘foodie’ …

I’m a feminist, I’m an activist …. I am dominant, I am so many things ….

I am a wife, a lover and His nijntje …..

Why would I put all my time and effort into worrying about being ‘submissive’ all the time? I am submissive to the one who earned it and when it is required but the rest of the time I am me …. fierce, fiery and a warrior.

Why would anyone want to wear just one hat???

Image result for cute bunny in a hat

I really don’t mind if you don’t understand.

Found my muchness ….. Love You Sir ❤



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