Kink and …… deliveries

Having kids at home certainly dictates how some things can be done when talking about kink. The age of the kids in question also changes things.

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Sir and I are waiting on a package to arrive, it should be here today. My kids are old enough to read and well frankly figure some things out …. so although there is a certain amount of excitement when waiting on new things there is also a bit of anxiety for us/me mainly because I’m the one at home and I’m normally the one ‘caught’ for lack of a better word.

Now it’s not that the kids open packages or go snooping about but normal conversation and curiosity makes things like “Oh cool mom, what did you get?” a pretty common occurrence. The timing of deliveries is usually the problem as there is almost always someone home with me, home for lunch, home after school (which gets out at 2:17) and home to stay because both boys are very much home bodies.

One of the packages was actually delivered to my oldest which was pretty ‘interesting’ since the content listed on the outside of the box was ‘horse whip’!!! Now as much as I like horses and would love to live on a ranch, I don’t ….. UGH!

The mailman has since changed *whew* and it has been a couple of years since then so we both pretend it never happened! Most times since then the packages that have arrived when the kids were around were clothes for them or me and nothing I couldn’t open nonchalantly in hopes making mailed packages very boring!

Let’s hope that this one comes in at a time that no one else is around …..

Happy Thursday …. should be an interesting weekend! 😉

Love You Always Sir! ❤

4 thoughts on “Kink and …… deliveries

  1. Oh my goodness, that is annoying/frustrating! Not that your children are home; that the sender is clueless enough to mark such things on the box. (Although, having written that, maybe you ordered it from a “real” leather goods supplier to those who ride… er, I’m digging a deeper hole for myself here.) I realize some of us choose to purchase the actual goods and not from adult sex toy shops. Many items bought from such places can be inferior in quality compared to the “real” deal. All I know is that the adult stores tend to not mark their packaging with return addresses such as “Wet ‘n Wild Love Shop” with “Spank me Daddy” stickers all over the box. Tends to lead to disgruntled customers who just might be shipping their purchases to a work address for the very reasons you mentioned!

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    1. Yes the sender should have known better and it was very annoying! The darn thing went through customs and everything …..

      I’m just glad I didn’t end up having to pick it up at the post office! THAT would have probably been even worse since those people we do know … oh well, nothing to be done for it now. We just shop elsewhere! LOL

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    1. Thanks! Life is about balance and this is no different, at least not for us.

      And yup! Sorry … LOL 😉 Going into details seems to be the thing to do but I have never been one to follow the crowd, I’m more of a ‘rage against the machine type’ …. hahaha

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