Tuesday’s musings …

Sitting here on a rainy Tuesday not feeling very well, the rain always makes it worse and the fact that winter brings colds and such doesn’t help one bit. I’ve been in a bit of an odd mood lately, not sure what or why exactly but I find myself not really as cheerful as usual, and as I would like. It is the winter, SADS maybe has something to do with it and the ongoing pain with no end in sight. I find myself hovering between a 7 and 9 on the pain scale and completely exhausted most of the time so actively changing my state of mind is definitely something I am relying on! Once I get myself mobile enough and awake enough I can usually snap out of it pretty quickly.

It’s not that I’m in a bad or grumpy mood, I’m just struggling to stand up straight and that tends to get pretty tiresome and frustrating! I must have caught a bit of dust this morning and with my allergies as they are I had to brace myself and hold on to the table as to not fall over when I sneezed! Needless to say life has been interesting lately ….

These are the days that I know I have completely given over control to you because with all this going on the only thing I can think of right now to do and make me feel better is this:

Image result for kneeling in the rain

Love You Always Sir ❤


Comments welcome! :D

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