Today is a snow day, for me it doesn’t always mean much but as it happens today I ended up with some cancellations and the day to myself, well until 3 pm anyway. Sir is at work and I’m focusing on getting some housework in before I might need to get to work later this afternoon. So why am I writing this on my submissive site ….?

Well one of the ways I actively show my submission in something other than kink is by taking care of myself. I have a very bad back, I have had issues since I can remember and this past year has been particularly difficult. I’ve been working on strengthening and stretching and basically taking even better care than ever before. I have spent the morning vacuuming and washing the floors on the main level. I’ve been careful not to move anything too heavy and still my back is really starting to ache. I can not bend down to pick anything up, let’s just put it that way …. If I stop and rest now I should be able to get back to ‘normal’ in a short while, if I don’t I will soon be laid out on the floor, simple as that, been there plenty of times before!

Now I know that Sir likes a nice clean and tidy house and I know that I have plenty of time to get some things done and take some of it off our plates for later in the evening or weekend hours but I also know that despite how happy He will be to have the chores done He will NOT be happy if they came at the expense of my over all health. His main reason for choosing this life is to be able to take care of me, protect me and keep me healthy, happy and safe. If I keep going with housework I will not be keeping myself safe or healthy and will be going against His wishes.

So for now I’m resting my back and waiting to get back to my day once it’s appropriate. As much as I want to please Him and do for Him the best thing I can do now is take care of myself and wait. He likes to read my thoughts so I’m writing this out and with any luck I will have one very happy Bear once He gets in, and I might even get a ‘good girl’ out of the day!

Not doing is much more difficult for me than working until I drop. It’s things from my past and personality I suppose but I’m not one to stop and put my health first. This causes a battle in my mind that sounds much like ‘what the heck are you waiting for, don’t be such a lazy @ss, when did you turn into a big baby ….’ etc. etc. I don’t need to be told to be polite, I don’t need to be told to watch my spending and I don’t need to be told about bed time or avoiding bad situations, …. not hurting myself by doing too much is my issue and this is where I submit to His will, because it’s His job to take care of me and I will respect and honour His wishes.

The snow is also piled up in the driveway and I’ve been told to leave it …… UGH!

Love You Always Sir! ❤


Comments welcome! :D

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