It’s amazing what a mind can accomplish, both positive or negative!

As always, writing things down helps me make sense of the noise in my brain, and that combined with a very attentive and invested dominant/husband usually means that things are resolved rather quickly. It also helps that I pay very close attention to any needs or changes that might be happening and I’m always certain to have them addressed one way or the other.

I/We haven’t yet come up with a game plan for the transition from work to home mindset (although I do have some specific ideas, we just haven’t had a chance to get into a full discussion – life, you know …) but there have been other things that Sir has been on top of and as a result I’m not finding myself completely leaving the mindset behind in the first place. It helps that He has added some simple requests to my day and work is a bit quiet for this first week back.

The short and long of it is that last evening I was very comfortable on my new(ish) electric blanket, enjoying the sounds of Mozart and Schubert and blissfully floating away to the sting of Sir’s flogger. The only thing apparent was the way the impact felt on the various parts of my skin and how the energy traveled from the point of impact and through the surrounding muscle and tissue …. It did not take long before my eyes were closed and my mind was clear of everything else!

Complete and total relaxed ecstasy!

Related imageΒ This does not happen easily for me, things really do need to be just ‘so’ in order for me to have a chance of total quiet! The new ideas plus the hopefully soon to be employed ‘meditation’ practices will hopefully see me having more and more of these calm and quiet moments. When we first started playing this way the things progressed more quickly to quiet because they were so new and unknown that my mind had no choice but to focus on only being His, but as with everything else in life time and repetition will rob you of the excitement and ‘high’ IF you let it! I have no intention of letting that happen ….

So for now, my mood is great as usual but my body is also 50% less sore than it was just yesterday and I haven’t had to take anything for pain! Now that is good news! πŸ˜€

Thank You Sir!! Love You Always ❀ !!



18 thoughts on “Quiet!

  1. Spanking does that for me, as well. It’s the total surrender and helplessness with the intense stimulation I think. Totally brings me into a peaceful present.

    We at one time had a ritual of kneeling when I got home and reciting a mantra for the work/home transition. It was nice, but we both determined that rituals weren’t for us. Too much pressure instead of just being together and letting things happen naturally. Instead, I try to simply keep a consistent mindset and express my submission during the day through our text conversations.

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  2. I completely get what you’re saying, submission towards Sir is always at the forefront for me, I’ve been practicing for a very long time! πŸ˜€ I don’t have any issues with maintaining that aspect of the mindset and I guess my choice of words was maybe not the best …

    The aspect of transition that I want to work on right now is simply a quiet and calm head space. My mind is constantly running at a 100 miles a minute and over the years I have learned things that help in quieting that space. What I need to know now is whether Sir wants to be in charge of that too. Waiting on Sir to decide if He wants to take this on is a way for me to show submission and trust in His leadership. Once upon a time I used to take complete care and control of myself, and Sir felt very redundant and unhappy so now I lay my ‘issues’ and thoughts at His feet and wait.

    It’s not just a submissive making thing it’s a healthy mental state thing. πŸ˜€


    1. That’s really cool. I’m much newer in my submission, so I still struggle often with letting go of control of things that impact my health or wellbeing. My mind is always going, too, and can very much distract me. It’s really great that you’ve had so much time and experience to grow in your submission. πŸ™‚

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      1. Truly letting go of all control was the hardest when it came to the kids, Sir and I have very different ways of doing things! ;P What I found was that the more I stopped and showed Him I was actively listening the more He began listening to me!

        He’s always respected me and my opinion but even the best of us can sometimes find ourselves in a ‘pissing match’. I’m glad to say that even those days are long gone now. πŸ˜€

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      2. That’s really great! For me it’s finances. I have a very hard time giving up control of it, though I do manage it because She trusts me with it. I also have an analytical mind and question instructions a lot because my Wife and I have very different personalities and processes. I’m glad to know those days are long gone for you. It’s encouraging for me! πŸ™‚

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      3. No one ever said that a good Boss doesn’t delegate! πŸ˜‰ LOL I always did the finances and we did try to have Sir do it, He decided to give them back! hehehe I like numbers and planning, He doesn’t …

        You do what works for the two of you, if She’s happy with you taking the responsibility in that then go with it, it’s no one’s business but your own anyway!

        We share a lot of the responsibility of life, we are still partners after all! He just gets the final say …

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      4. Not sure if you are interested or not, but I have a male submissive friend (one of our ‘circle’) who was instructed by his DOMME (and wife) to find a male sub friend to talk to. Are you still looking to find/make a network for yourself?


  3. I am so happy I could help relax your mind and body last night. I do look forward to touching your body either softly or with alittle more force. The tasks I’ve given this week have really helped my mindset also. Quite excited you could say. Looking forward to our next adventure. πŸ˜€

    Love you


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  4. Interesting and good exchange.

    There is no reason to be in charge in a given area merely because of a person’s role. Good leadership should, on average and when possible, assign roles to those most suited for them. That doesn’t preclude swapping out as good practice, cross training if you will. Had I a CPA as a sub, it would be foolish of me to do taxes wouldn’t it? Maybe I’m a master chef so I prepare supper while she mulls returns.

    But I would want to know her thoughts. (Following is personal opinion.) I would want to be in touch with her feelings and mood. I can change her outlook during a long workday and put a nasty comment from another in perspective. That contact allows me to support and hold her even from afar. It also allows her to stay balanced and avoid the spinning effect that seems to plague subs when they feel alone. It’s a simple thing that would benefit any relationship but seems more important here. Besides, I can take her pondering the evil client to pondering the e-vile thought of what I hinted at for later. It stops her cold and brings back both her lust and confidence. Not a bad gift to give.

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    1. Thanks for the opinion/suggestion, it’s pretty much what we are working on maintaining. Once upon a time Sir would have thought the interruptions were bothersome to me and not welcome, now I believe He sees differently.

      Learning HOW to interact that way and changing old habits is our current ‘project’. I’m doing my best to make Him see I do enjoy being ‘bothered’ in that way and He is doing His best to stay involved. Old habits die hard at times but this bunny is getting pretty good at ‘poking the Bear’!


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