Hummm, ….

I’d like to write but I’m not entirely sure what or how to write what I’m thinking that will make sense without writing a book! 😛 LOL

I have a few different things and ideas on my mind but I really haven’t had the time to do them justice. For the most part I will be looking at how I can either work on meditation and relaxation myself in order to better be in the moment and enjoy whatever few minutes of fun life affords us and/or the things I need to ask for in regards to providing me with the time and space needed to get into the right mind space for when time finally does afford! 😀

Confused? I don’t blame you …. tee hee

I have been having a difficult time being able to shut out the ‘noise’ that goes on in my mind lately, or at least shutting it off quickly enough to be able to get the most out of what little bits of play we can get. We haven’t had hours to dedicate to getting me into the right frame of mind to finally be able to float away in quiet bliss for a time so the result is that I’m feeling like I’m in two places at once.

I have a few ideas that I think might work for me and hoping that once I get you started on this path/thought that you will then take it on for yourself. I’m not very impressionable, never have been so I know that this all starts in my mind and works outward from there, what I need to know is how much do you want to be in charge of and how much do you want me to work out?

Would you like assigned tasks and quiet/kneeling/specific pose times, or shall I look into meditation/yoga on my own? Or both …?!?! I don’t think it matters what you call it, it’s all about centering the mind and body. I used to do my own but since I gave over all control I kind of gave that over too …. I’m not getting enough right now so I would like to know how to proceed please?!?

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Meditation by sunset BY DAN KOSMAYER

Things have been busy and a bit stressful lately keeping me from the strong quiet place I enjoy and with tax season coming up they are only going to get busy again. Focus on where I want to be is only going to get more difficult, I know myself well …. so I thought I should ask first instead of waiting to spiral out of control!

So that is where my thoughts are Sir, the next few posts will likely be in reference to this, unless this crazy bunny brain hops elsewhere of course! There is always that possibility!!

Love You Always Sir ❤




10 thoughts on “Hummm, ….

  1. I’m the same way with a constantly busy mind, and I find mindfulness meditation really helpful. Even when active, like running on a treadmill, I can do body scan mindfulness exercises. If you and your Sir are interested in learning more, I’ve found the book Fully Present to be a great resource.

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    1. I know what you mean, I have been doing it for years! I have given it over as part of the control Sir has over me so I guess I’m trying to now find balance with His guidance if that makes any sense, like guided meditation is what I have taken to thinking of …
      His ways are very different from mine and now I need to try and explain my needs in a way that He can understand – please feel free to chime in if you see a thing in my posts that I have missed but might help explain. from the few of yours I have read, I think we view this in a similar fashion! 😀

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    1. I’m afraid my familiarity starts and stops with the phrase and nothing more … any insight you might have however is always welcome! 😀
      I’m simply working off my instincts now and doing what feels right and truthful while honouring and respecting my husband.
      I’ve been taking a bit of a break from trying to figure out what it is everyone else is talking about because it was beginning to cause me more confusion than help for a while.


      1. “I’m afraid my familiarity starts and stops with the phrase and nothing more”?

        Feel free to stop by. Next few days will be the first half way sane ones since before Christmas.

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      2. lol I meant that I have heard the words but I don’t know anything about what they refer to in any detail.
        And careful … ;P I might just show up at your door! *giggle*


  2. Ahhh… had to read back to get it. Sometimes I’m dense. Forgot about the TIH question at the end. Sorry.

    Maybe a bit of prep in advance might help. The husband who who comes in from work, sets down the jacket and whose hand pushes you to your knees for a moment because the kids aren’t about. Though the phrase isn’t aimed at that moment it is aimed at that feeling. Those actions can be small, simple and quick but they make your mind race and leave you feeling very taken into his control. Meditation is nice but you need a lusty daze methinks.

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    1. Good call C!
      Both is actually what I need, the sexy take charge husband only goes to 75% when my mind isn’t also taken care of with meditation and quiet introspect.
      I’m fortunate enough to have such a life and such a relationship that I can be picky about the two!
      As to small, simple and quick actions …. right on the mark! I have those happening and I’m being selfish enough to want the full effect. He has now given me the instructions I need and I’m doing the prep work so the 100% mark is the goal, and well in sight!
      ‘Not thinking’ is not a privilege of mine, but it’s been happening more and more every time His hands are on me and I can’t even begin to explain what a relief that really is!


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