We survived, how about you?

We’ve had a lovely holiday with family and friends, enjoying the season and each other.
Related imageThere were busy days preparing and planning. I worked right up until the day before we had dinner at the in-laws and I always do the baking so Saturday was spent doing that. All the plans and shopping done before of course and the things ready for eating that day! Yummy!

Lots to do and many people to see and we still felt every bit as connected as always. The shopping we do together, the planning we go over together, the gifts we wrap together, and the baking we do together ….

You can make time for togetherness even when you’re busy if you think on it a bit and you’re not picky about the activity, K.I.S.S works every time!

The oldest had a friend over and he happened to point out to her a note Sir left on the white board in the kitchen for me! It says ‘morning beautiful’ and I turned in time to hear him say “see” ….

I joked with him and said don’t make fun of your old mom and that’s when the friend said ‘no, he talks about you guys all the time, how you get along and stuff. It’s really nice … ‘

The way you act and react towards each other doesn’t have to change, at least I don’t think it does, but then I don’t try to maintain a certain ‘submissive’ attitude or mindset, it’s just part of who I am with Him. Β We also don’t do thing that are forced or faked for us so there really is no thinking involved, it’s instinct and that doesn’t disappear when you get busy it actually becomes more apparent.

I think that putting Him in charge of the every day mundane and boring stuff and making it so it becomes second nature to just automatically rely on Him for help and support in EVERYTHING is what makes it easy to feel connected all the time. It makes it so when the kneeling and playing and hair pulling is not possible the real connection is still there!

When we left the in-laws with leftover goodies and kid’s gifts in tow Sir had to go move the truck and back up to the driveway to let me in without having to walk through the snow bank. The thing He noticed (as did I) was that He and the boys were already in the truck and I waited in my heals to be let in and I had to open my own car door. I suppose I could have waited and He could have stopped the truck, come around and let me in even though He was in front of the driveway, the boys were all in and ready and it would have been well, strange really! Our ‘rules’ are in the spirit of not the letter of the law.

The spirit of the rule is that Sir opens doors for me but it was cold out, everyone was ready and the car was running with Him at the wheel so I let myself in …. but it was strange! LOL If it’s pouring rain I let myself in too, why would He want me to wait and get soaked? It’s not supposed to be punishment!

We are on holidays now and making up for some of the more fun ways of being D/s that maybe had to wait their turn, but we didn’t feel less connected, we just now feel more ready to play!!! LOL Yummy again πŸ˜€

I’ve had a few other things on my mind too, things that are not D/s or holiday related but I have taken each of those to Him too, and they have all been discussed together even if they can’t be fixed it’s comforting to know I have someone in my corner and someone who will do His best to make sure I’m taken care of and I’m okay come what may. THAT to me is a dominant, that is the man I follow, that is the man I need and want.

Posturing and play is fun, but we have been together 22 years now, this is real life …

So tell me, how did you do ….???



3 thoughts on “We survived, how about you?

  1. The car door. Such a simple gesture that means so much. My wife never lets me open the door for her. I’d have to race to near her to it and even then it’s awkward as she tried to close it herself. You just made me realize all of this. So simple and yet such an indicator.

    I really am inspired by you. Apparently so are your children. Good work.


  2. It’s really cool to see that you have a real genuine relationship that also happens to be D/s. We always try to keep that focus on the spirit of the law, too, and just do what feels right for us. I think that’s what makes for healthy relationships. Real and genuine and raw, not faked or forced or made into someone’s fantasy. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

    We make it a habit now to go away for Christmas, which makes it very relaxing.


    1. Thank you Kevin, nice to have you along!

      One of the most important things for us is to make sure everything always feels real and authentic, it keeps maintaining the dynamic feeling second nature instead of a constant battle. At least that’s my theory! LOL

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