Solved it!

I’m writing this out because it was such a big ‘problem’ for us for such a long time and the solution is so simple that I can’t figure out why I didn’t think of it earlier! There might be others in the same predicament and so I thought it might be worth while putting it down.

Now not everyone has Raynaud’s like I do so the issue might not be as severe but it is certainly not uncommon for women especially to be cold, colder than our male partners. When it comes to play and wearing basically nothing it can be hard to focus and concentrate on all the ‘fun’ we are having or about to have when you are shivering! To put it in perspective, I don’t use touch screens because the device doesn’t recognize my fingers when I try to work with them, my fingers are simply too cold to register and that’s in July!

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Our winters don’t help the situation at all, the weather gets bitterly cold and once that gets into your system it seems to be difficult to shake! So in order to make things comfortable Sir would add extra heating to the room because even though the thermostat read 21 my body was still purple with cold! Unfortunately since I’m cold and he’s not once we got to playing I would be mostly comfortable but chilled and He would be over heating and sweating!  If we turn the heat down I’m now shivering and on the verge of frostbite (yes that bad) and He now comfortable. Quite the issue to resolve as you can imagine. We have used gloves and high socks keeping things sexy but warmer for me although still chilly but that made it so He couldn’t keep an eye on my hands and feet to make sure they weren’t changing colour or in need of release from their confinement. Play might seem like it’s all about Him but the fact is I’m always His first priority, just as it should be! So things normally didn’t go as far or as long as they might have with that uncertainty looming over head.

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It finally occurred to me that the best way to keep me warm and Him comfortable in the same room is simple, start off the play on a heated blanket! My hands, feet and other affected parts can be kept warm without having to turn the room into a sauna. Generally once things get going and my body relaxes the Raynaud’s calms and I basically can be ‘normal’ in temperature. I can then go from whatever position on the blanket to where ever He would like me to continue playing.

At the end of play once the chemicals start changing and my body gets cold He can use the blanket as well as Himself to keep me warm because trying to be infront of me and behind me at the same time is just not something we have been able to work out!! 😛 A blanket works okay but all it does is insulate the cold in for me …. I need to change my body temperature before I can keep warm, so the heated blanket is just the thing!

It’s funny how sometimes things can seem so complicated when really they are not. The answer didn’t occour to me until I saw an add in the local flyer. 😀 And now the issue is pretty much solved … I even found a blanket with a Bear on it!!

Happy Thursday All, keep warm …..  Happy last day of work Sir!

Love You Always Sir! ❤



7 thoughts on “Solved it!

  1. Yes a beautifly simple solution that will keep us both warm and comfortable and able to concentrate on each other. You always find a way nijntje.

    Love you S

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