You might think ….

If you read my blog you might think that Sir and I are pretty evenly matched. You might think we have a lot of similarities and you might think that’s why we get along so well with no real issues to have to work through. You might think our personalities must be very similar and hence we get along quite easily. The truth is we are pretty much exact opposites when it comes to personality and the way we do things.

I can’t even begin to count how many times it has been pointed out to me that we are so different that people have a hard time figuring out how we get along so well, why we are together. Mind you this usually comes from other men, I have never had a shortage of attention in that respect! Women on the other hand seem to think I’m so lucky and how do I get Him to do all these things!?! Just in case your mind goes there, this was all before kink … I can’t imagine letting anyone have that much control and physical power over me if I didn’t completely trust and respect them first.

Have you ever heard the saying that opposites attract? Well in this case that’s exactly what happened. We are both strong and powerful in our own ways and once we got together the force was just as strong as we are, and good luck taking that apart!

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The secret is staying lined up properly, balanced in this case. How do we do that? Well we talk, we listen, we respect and we value each other. When we use these tools we help each other to learn in grow, we become even stronger still.

I might be one strong bunny but there are many things I have learned from listening and watching my husband over the years. When I stop long enough to wait and listen I grow as a person and all the things that my personality might be missing get filled in by His, and vice versa! Appreciating each others differences instead of pointing them out and complaining has brought us to where we are today. And communicating of course, nothing can be learned if no one is talking. For all the strengths and abilities we each have, neither of us is a mind reader.

I’d like to think I have helped Him to learn and grow in some areas and I know He has helped me do the same. By relying on our strengths and realizing and working on our weaknesses we have become strong and we now move almost as one. And that is why we get along so well and that is why we are happy together! We worked at it …. we never gave up and we never looked elsewhere.


Yes we are exact opposites, that’s why we fit together so nicely!

One more day til your holidays Sir!! Can’t wait 😀 Two more days til mine ….

Love You Always Sir ❤

5 thoughts on “You might think ….

    1. Thank you! And yes, too many people are quick to point fingers or walk away when the fact is that if they spent just a bit of time trying to understand the other side without prejudice, things might look a whole lot different! It holds true for everything in life, not just romantic relationships ..

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  1. I hope to teach my girl a better way that another (and her clan) don’t get. Listen fully to the other person. Let them talk, don’t blurt a response to what you THINK they will say halfway into their first word. Ponder what they say then give a polite and measured response. Even if the other makes a fool of themselves there is no reason to copy them!

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    1. It only takes one person to affect a life very drastically! I only had my grandmother when I was young and I think I turned out okay!
      I recently started talking to this curmudgeon, he seems to have that same effect! 😉


      1. Hopefully both provided you with an ear, care, support and a reassurance that it’s good to be you as long as you are good for those around you. Wouldn’t want to approve of a serial killers behavior now would we?

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