What a year …..

Well it certainly has been one whirlwind of a year Sir! 2016 is going to be memorable to say the least.

It was about this time last year the oldest got ‘diagnosed’ with a chemical imbalance due to maturing and was put on medication. He was certainly emotionally abusive to me mostly but everyone in the house was on egg shells.

In January Gramma was in and out of the hospital and nursing home, my dad had a bad cough and was later diagnosed with a tumour on his esophagus.

By February my dad had started chemo, Gramma was suffering from Alzheimer’s symptoms and had been put into the nursing home permanently. Our oldest was talking suicide and psychiatric help was found, along with counselling.

March my parents are emotionally beating the crap out of my brother, he’s the only one besides me that has managed to escape the madness but his escape is recent so he relies on me for back up.

April and May are busy with birthdays, anniversaries, Easter etc. and me trying to play referee and keep my brother sane.

June brings doggie trouble, a torn acl and a diagnoses of lots and lots of cash to be spent, so much for summer vacation.

July Gramma takes a serious turn, nights are spent bed side and running back and forth home to check on the dog, her leg gets infected and effectively explodes all over the family room, you at work and me running back and forth to the nursing home and calling the vet. I’m already off work, now there is more cash to be spent.

By the end of July the dog has torn out her other acl, a new surgery is planned, Gramma is slowly slipping away, you’re now off work too and spending day and night at the nursing home with me. More cash to be spent, no cash coming in.

At least the oldest in now living a ‘normal’ teen life, all the moods and depression are well on their way out and he is happier than I have seen in a long while. By the end of the month Gramma has passed ….

August is spent healing, both for us emotionally and the dog physically. The kids seem to be doing alright and it’s time to start planning for the new school year, the youngest is now in high school. He has suffered from anxiety and we wait with bated breath to see how this will go.

September/October things seem to be going okay, evening out. My dad now goes in for surgery to have part of his lung removed, the chemo created a lump that needs to be taken out. We find out the day of Thanksgiving dinner at your brother’s house that the surgery is the following day, we plan a visit to my parents but that falls through, just a little more stress to an already eventful year.

November seems to come and go without notice, starting to gear up for the holiday season, this always brings me to a place of thought and wonder what my next steps should be and how to best spend the holidays. I’m always very involved with your side and we don’t even talk to mine any longer. Not for lack of trying but even I can only handle so much trauma … it has certainly been a stressful one.

Today however I received a text from the oldest:

Andrew E
 E said you’re very pretty

ummm, thank you?!?!  lol

 she’s very pretty too ….
 why are you talking about me …??
Andrew E
 she was talking about her mom and i said that you are a good parent and impressive regarding how your childhood was
 ah, I see
 well thank you then
Looks like 2017 is starting off on a better note, let’s hope it stays that way! 😀
And no, nothing ever went on hold and we were never any less D/s …. the kink might have gone on the back burner at times but our connection only got stronger and helped us through.
Love You Always Sir ❤

2 thoughts on “What a year …..

  1. It has been one heck of a ride this year. It’s funny that these kinds of years can bring us even closer. Having someone like you as my co-pilot I am always assured that we are going to get through what ever comes our way and come out stronger.

    Love you nijntje

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