I’m hurtin’ today ….

Good morning Sir, I’m having a rather rough morning today. I had an awful sleep as you know, my back and hip have decided to flare up, not sure why I didn’t do anything to perpetuate that, that I can recall.

The pain meds did finally help this morning I think I fell asleep just before I had to get up, of course! lol I think I fell asleep because I had a wonderful dream to wake up from.

We were dancing, my hand in yours wrapped around to my lower back, my other hand on your shoulder covered by yours. My head resting on your chest just the way you like and I just remember feeling like I was floating not thinking just following your movements. The song playing was ‘In Your Eyes’ by Peter Gabriel, I haven’t heard it in some time …..

I had to use my pillow to help my hip so I borrowed your pillow to sleep on, I guess my senses took it from there!

Image result for head on his chest Can’t wait til you’re home Sir. I had a bunch of plans I wanted to ask about, the concert band plays tonight, a Christmas special … I was looking forward to dressing up and being with you and showing everyone how much I am Yours! Right now all I want to do is lay in your arms and rest ….

The best laid plans …. oh well!

Love You Always Bear! ❤

Comments welcome! :D

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