Not sure why …

I’m not sure if it’s the time of year, things I’ve read or things I’ve been working out and going through, but lately I find myself going down memory lane and making a memory scrap-book of our lives together.

These are times that someone else has made it obvious to me that we are not like other people. Someone else has noticed enough to point it out in some way …. This next story is appropriate for the time of year because it was Christmas Eve, at your mom and dad’s as always! 😀

I think it was the first time I really realized that most people (at least around here) don’t do things the way I do, the way we do … You’ve always told me I was different, maybe I have made you different as well? Who knows …

Anyway, scrap-book memory story – Christmas Eve at grandma’s house, talking and socializing, my oldest niece has a ‘game’ she wants to play on/with all the adults. It’s one of those pick a number, pick a name, who’s your best friend, what’s your favourite etc …..

She went through all the other couples in the house and eventually it was our turn/my turn. We went through the questions, one by one until she reached the question “Who is your best friend?”

I said you … she looked confused then replied ‘no, not your husband or who you’re married to, but your BEST friend’. Again I said you … lol She wasn’t very old maybe 10 or 11 so I tried to explain the best way I could that you are and always have been my best friend. That I married my best friend and you are the person I want to hang out with most and talk to.

Image result for marry your best friend

It occurred to me then that she had asked everyone else in the house the same questions and probably a lot of other couples before since her parents are very social, and no one else had given that answer.

I couldn’t imagine giving any other answer …. you are my best friend, my first thought in the morning, first person I want to see and first person I want to share with. You’re my first call when I need and my lover, my husband and now my Master. (I won’t tell her the last one if she asks again this year!)

Other people think it’s strange that we do what we do, I think it’s strange when others don’t. Why would I marry anyone besides my best friend? I guess you were right all along, I guess I am different Sir!

Love You Always Sir ❤


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