Time for a refresher – for myself.

It’s funny when I read other blogs I can see very clearly and when I get to my own, things start to get too complicated.

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I remember having this issue as a kid in school and now my kids have the same issue (or did when they were little) and I can explain it to them and see it very clearly and quickly, but for some reason you turn the table and put it in my head and I lose track!

Let’s see if I can bring this back full circle …. I have always found things very easy to accomplish, so easy in fact that most times I convince myself it must be wrong or I must be missing something. Everyone else seems to be having a much more difficult time so I must be missing something, right??

As someone pointed out previously, we don’t all wear skirts or use urinals, that would be strange indeed!

Maybe I find this easy because I’m happy, because I’m content and because it’s a good fit for us. The only One who needs to think me submissive is my Sir and the only One I submit to is Him anyway, so if He is happy and fulfilled than I should be too!

I don’t miss much, I serve Him well, I’ve been practicing for some 22 years.

I remember a story from about 10 years back already, we had my brother and his girlfriend over for dinner. Sir always helps me in the kitchen and this evening was no different. There we are working away moving from side to side, reaching and grabbing things as we need them to accomplish a common goal.

My brother there also, standing back as to not get in the way, it was a very small galley style kitchen. All of a sudden he (brother) was very quiet and just watching. I turn to look and he says to me “Holy crap, you guys are like a well oiled machine. You’d think something was going to crash and hit but your motions are such that they almost seem choreographed!”

He proceeded to tell me how impressive it was and he could only hope to one day be so in tune with someone else that they could accomplish even half that much! He was quite amazed that we had no words, no stumbles we just simply moved around each other and with each other in what seemed like one fluid motion.

We’ve had 10 more years to practice since then, why would I expect it to be difficult now?

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I’m setting my brain back to basics, I’m keeping it simple and I’m going with my instincts! So what If I find serving you easy, it doesn’t mean I’m missing something it just means I’m good at it. K.I.S.S!

Love You Always Sir ❤

4 thoughts on “K.I.S.S.

    1. It is really a wonderful life I have, thank you!
      These things happen naturally for us and we don’t notice or realize that it is unusual until someone else points it out some times. To us, this ‘is’ the normal! 😀
      I suppose that happens when you each have each other’s best interests at heart!

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