Sundays, fun days and confusing your teens!

Do you know what’s really funny? When your kids can’t figure out what in the world kept you busy from when you got up til after lunch that you couldn’t make the jello!! LOL

The oldest was asking for some jello last night and we discussed making it today. I guess the idea was that if I made it in the morning, by the time he got up (into the afternoon of course!) it would be ready to eat. So this afternoon when I finally convinced him to open his eyes and wake up the first thing he asked for was the jello. I had forgotten about the jello, I’ve been kind of busy! 😉

So he says to me, ‘What do you mean you didn’t have time to make the jello, you get up what around 7?? You have been busy for over 5 hours, the whole time’??

Image result for confused teenager

I very innocently said ‘Well I did have a coffee’! teehee  ‘But yes I have been busy the entire time …’

He wasn’t being rude or anything, he was just really confused and at a loss as to what could have possibly taken me all morning to do. LOL And the kids think us old folks are boring! LOL Yeah right!!

Happy Sunday All!


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