Tree trimmed!

mantle1 mantle2The room is not the easiest to photograph, especially with our little camera but here are some shots of the before and after …..  It didn’t help that there were boxes full of decorations and two dogs to get around.

The mantle before and after … I have worked in the wreath over the years. The greenery will stay for the winter but the gold and red will need to be changed out for more woodsy decor.

tree1 tree2

And the tree …. I’m not sure if I’ll add to it or not but for the time being the Bear seems to be happy! 😀 Obviously the tree will come down in the new year and my table will be returned and some other winter snow men and things added.

If you look out the windows you can see that we are now in the middle of a snow storm. Good thing I have a Bear to keep me warm! I didn’t get my wine because it was much too early in the day, but I did get my CD and good company! And He only broke one bulb …. !

Love You Bear ❤

3 thoughts on “Tree trimmed!

  1. Ah! So pretty! And Santa’s hat on the coat rack is the absolute perfect touch! I feel very touched you chose to share such a personal thing, and as I can not be with my best friend (and haven’t for many years now) this was very meaningful to see someone’s own bedecked tree. Many many thanks! Hoping you do have some personal time to sit, have a cup or glass of something you enjoy, and relax and enjoy the beauty of it all. xxx


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