Let me tell you a story ….

There are many qualities that make my Sir a dominant but one of the most desirable is compassion. He is a dominant and a gentleman in ever sense of the words and not long ago He showed those true colours to everyone around.

We had just run into the grocery store for a quick look around, some bunny had a craving for marzipan and it is very difficult to find around here apparently! We had already run to a variety of locations but none of them were fruitful.

Just as we were walking into the store and trying to decide which direction to head in there was a noise that came from behind us. I was slightly ahead of Sir as He always opens doors for me or escorts me through open ones and so there I was a step or so ahead, Sir hadn’t caught up yet. I turned around to see Sir putting down the bags we had brought and taking steps backwards towards where we had come from, I was a bit confused but followed. I couldn’t at the time see what was happening but as it turns out a lady had tripped and fallen sending her purse and things flying and landing squarely on the ground! Sir had noticed her and instantly turned around to help her up. Once I realized what was going on I started picking up her things to return them as did Sir once she was safe and right side up once more!

Stylabl Words

You wouldn’t think that to be such a big deal but the fact is that NO ONE else made a move to help or check on the poor woman. I saw others looking but no one moved.

Everyone seems to be all about right and honourable and ‘the cause’ when it comes to their facebooks, blogs and twitters but for some reason when it comes to REAL life no one makes a move to help those in need. There was eventually one cashier that came around to help, he was just a boy and I can’t help but hope that he learned a good life lesson that day.

It’s things and times like these that make me want to follow this man, it’s why I asked Him for this life in the first place. It’s His over all character that makes Him a good dominant, not the whips, chains or titles.

I think the world is a better place because He is in it, and so too is my life! ā¤

Love You Always Sir ā¤

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