Just one of the many perks …

I’ve often said that a lot about submission is self-serving. Even if it seems to be the other way around from the outside I think that if you have a working D/s relationship the submissive is going to get many, many things out of the relationship that they just couldn’t or in my case wouldn’t do on their own and for themselves!

The problem with being a strong, independent take charge kind of woman is that you never cut yourself some slack and you never allow yourself to slow down or take a break. You pile your ‘plate’ much higher than you should and eventually you will start to burn out …. When you are too busy taking care of everyone and everything else you have no time left to take care of yourself.

Related imageSo enter the Bear ….. I say ‘I still have to do this, this and this today’ and the Bear says ‘sit down and I will get you a cup of coffee’. I start to say ‘but ….’ and He gets a look on His face, and I sit down!

Normally this is followed by a quick conversation about what needs to be accomplished really, and what am I just making work out of that at the end of the day really doesn’t matter to anyone but in my own head … the next ‘order’ is generally in keeping with me finishing up my coffee and relaxing for a few more minutes because ‘He says so’, and He will generally get started on whatever is a priority at the time.

Of course there are also those time when I get told ‘No, you’re just not doing that’ and He makes a choice to do something else instead because well, let’s face it enough is enough and some of us really don’t know when to stop! Do I get worried or upset about it? No actually, the truth is if you spend more time complaining about what you have signed up for and whining that you just don’t want to do it than you probably shouldn’t have signed up for it in the first place! Life is too short to be wasted on things that really don’t matter to you anyway.

You all know what I’m taking about, you sign up for things, make your self responsible for things and then you spend the entire time complaining about it, than why did you bother?  Or maybe you’re one that just gets totally stressed over it, losing sleep and wound tighter than a top … practically making yourself sick over it, headaches, muscle aches all the signs of stress.

In my case neither of those things would happen, but I would go and go until eventually I was just on autopilot. Getting everything done, going through the motions but no time to be really happy! There was no dropping everything and breaking into song and dance, there was no goofy running around the house saying catch me if you can!!! Maybe I wasn’t unhappy, but that doesn’t mean I was happy either …. I just was.

So yes I CAN still get my own coffee, but ever since I became His submissive I don’t always have to! I also don’t have to feel guilty about it, because I’m just following orders …. !! LOL

Happy Sunday All!

Love You Lots Bear! ❤

Comments welcome! :D

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