Image result for bunny thank youI just wanted to post a thank you to you Bear! I know you work very hard at making sure you take good care of me and you do a darn good job of it too!

Some of the posts lately might be giving the wrong impression of what life is like around here and I just wanted to make it clear that the posts or order of posts are not necessarily indicative of the current life and times of this bunny.

Like I said before, things are ALWAYS going on in my head, ideas and sometimes rants due to something I saw, or read …. but it’s not necessarily something going on with me in the here and now. I haven’t been able to get much sleep lately either (thanks MenoBeast) and so the ideas and posts are even more forthcoming. The dancing at the drop of a hat, and smiling from ear to ear is what’s going on in real life!

I was chatting with a friend last night, for just a few minutes while I was waiting for the Bear and just chatting about the niceties, nothing earth shattering, anyway I answered with ‘can’t complain’ and he being a bit facetious like me said ‘are you sure, have you really tried??’ LOL  My answer was ‘yes I have, I have, but it’s just not very effective when you’re wearing a huge smile on your face!’

That’s what my life is like and it’s all due to the dedication, care and constant attention of the Bear. I always greet Him at the door with a smile and a kiss and the other day I got picked up and spun around the kitchen by a big Bear hug around my bottom. I’m squealing with delight and He’s beaming from ear to ear as He says ‘Hello bunny, I’ve missed you!’

❤ Love You Always Bear ❤

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