I’m sure many of you are asking yourselves the same question, how can I possibly be both dominant and submissive to Him at the same time? How can I be guarded and on guard at all times when I’m out and completely free and open when I’m with Sir? How can I be both warrior and bunny …..?

Well the answer is simple and complicated all at the same time. The simple answer is trust, real trust as in 100%. When I am down He picks me up, when I am lost He finds me and when I am sad He makes me laugh …. when I speak He listens and when I am silent He listens harder! He never stops being there for me and little by little all the things that I would have had in place to protect myself were no longer needed. I looked up one day and realized that there I was completely naked and open and at His feet, and completely unafraid.

The why isn’t complicated but the getting there is. Communicate, openly, honestly and completely …. there is no other way I know of but to have all the stuff that’s stopping you out on the table. You can’t move forward until you have let go of the past and you can’t do that until you work it out.

Part two for me was getting over myself! I’m a planner, I plan everything to the very last detail …. over and over until I’m confident the plan will go off without a hitch. Sir’s methods of working things out are very different from mine, I needed to get over the idea that my way was the only right way, again trust!

Part three, no more martyring, especially in this case it’s self-defeating. Holding back, not telling the truth, trying to make it easy on Him or keeping Him ‘happy’ … blah blah BS! Just another instance of getting over myself, I have feelings and I’m entitled to have them, I’m not a saint I have wants …. so I tell the truth. How else is He ever going to be able to truly provide for me and make me happy if I refuse to be honest?

To me the real difference between us and vanilla is the open honest communication and the real trust that gets built from that. Such a simple answer yet so complicated to put into practice!

I don’t need to be dominant when I am with Sir because I feel 100% safe in trusting Him with all of me. If He wasn’t Him I couldn’t be me …Ā Related image

Love You Always my Wonderful Sir ā¤

(I decided not to take a chance on the dancing and runners! šŸ˜› So I wrote you another post Sir.) LOL


3 thoughts on “How can I be both you ask …?

  1. Hmmm, that doesn’t look totally safe but I bet you like the image.

    Serendipity and the memory of some recent conversations gave me a post for later today. Might help you more clearly see how you can be built to rule the roost and yet utterly at his whimsy. Have patience though, now I must do other things.

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