I’m not generally one to let my emotions get away from me and I normally tend to have no expectations as to not lead to let downs … as bad/sad as that may sound it’s really not. What I mean to say is that I have standards and expect to be treated in a respectful and ‘proper’ manner but I’m not grandiose or delusional.

Image result for red room of pain

I like to find joy in simple things and when it comes to Sir I have no problem falling very quickly at His feet … 😀

It’s not all about jet planes and million dollar red rooms … sometimes the best things are fairly easy to accomplish if you just give it a chance! I’m feeling delightfully optimistic … about peanut butter and jelly! 😉

That’s all I have to say for now … 😀

Love You Always my Wonderful Sir ❤

One thought on “Excited!

  1. Some like crunchy and some creamy, some apple, some grape and some strawberry but if you pick what works for you and add bread to your list and you’ll have a sandwhich. Doesn’t take much to make a quick, satisfying snack.

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