I read once …

I was looking around at different sites some time ago to see how others navigate this crazy world of ours, not just D/s but in general. I like to read to begin with, although I prefer paper to pc … but either way I like to look around and take note. You just never know when you might find something worth remembering.

I came across a site that was basically called being submissive is hard … or something to that effect. That’s fair enough so I wanted to see what they had to say. It turns out that this person (female) was having a very difficult time coming to terms with what the dominant was requiring of her, and the lack of time and attention that He was apparently able to give was one of the major issues. She needed more and his schedule simply didn’t provide for that right now.

So far all sounds pretty normal and although not the best situation we can all understand that it happens from time to time …. until I read that she was submissive number 4 of 5! What!?!?!

So this ‘dominant’ doesn’t have the time to give her the attention and care she requires but feels it’s right to take on 5 submissives at once ….. and none of you think that perhaps you are being used??? and not in the hot, kinky way that we like ….? I know this is just my opinion here but a dominant has responsibilities to provide what he/she agreed to in the first place. If they are not living up to their end of the bargain than they have no right to your submission. No wonder you’re having such a hard time being submissive and being happy ….

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Just because you are submissive, or whatever your choice of words, doesn’t mean you lose all your thought process and responsibility for yourself, your life and your actions there in. Think people! If it feels like you are just being used, you probably are! If you are good with that than carry on, but if you are not than do something about it ….

It’s that type of thing that makes me feel like I need to keep writing this blog, because although I am His submissive I am not abused, or unhappy or any worse off than any other strong, liberal and free woman out there! I’m probably better off than most …. Being His has made me stronger still, you can tell by my words I’m sure how oppressed and meek and mild I am! Not!

I will do whatever my husband wants, whenever He wants and for as long and as often as He wants because He takes damn good care of me. If you don’t feel cared for than you haven’t gotten yourself a dominant …. no matter what they want you to call them.

Love You Sir ❤

3 thoughts on “I read once …

  1. One flavor of sub finds that poo acceptable because of their worldview and what they see of themselves coming in. It is neither right or acceptable. He, through his action, shows that he is taking v giving. His proclaimed role is one of giving. There lies a loggerhead of facts and the facts show him a manipulator instead of a master.

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