A thank you and an apology in advance! :D

Sir has implemented a new rule this week, although I have just the slightest hint of guilt that enters my mind it really is fleeting and a far cry from where we, well I started!

Obviously I have had some serious physical pain to deal with lately and my muscles by the end of the day are sore and I feel exhausted. The rule is that at the end of every day and before I change into my ‘comfy clothes’ I am to wait for Sir naked in the bedroom and tell Him which part of me hurts the most. I will then get a rub down to help ease the pain and relax me. The feel of His hands on my skin is also a huge bonus, there really isn’t much that I like better than being touched by Him. 😀

This might not seem like much to most people but the idea of having someone do something for me and being comfortable asking is a huge step for me. I’m sure it’s a by-product of my childhood and it is/was very much ingrained into my personality and attitude.

So thank you Sir for helping me ease my pain, both physical and emotional!

Now however I’m going to have to apologize in advance! 😉 They have started playing the Christmas songs on the radio Sir ….. and ever since we started this dynamic I have been way more silly and goofy and happy in general! So much so that when a song comes on that I like I will drop everything and start singing and dancing. Well the simple, positive and happy vibe of Christmas songs is one of my favourite things to sing along to! LOL

Image result for singing in the kitchen

I can get to be pretty loud in my excitement, and I know I’m not exactly the best singer …..! 😛 At least I know you like to watch me dance …. teehee

Love you Always Sir! ❤


6 thoughts on “A thank you and an apology in advance! :D

    1. I know I’m totally cared for and spoiled, even though Sir says I deserve all the good I get I know he’s one of a kind! 😀
      There are times in the car that He will purposefully pass our street and keep driving because a song I like has started on the radio. He smiles and says He felt like taking the scenic route … LOL

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  1. There is nothing I like better then to see you happy. It warms me all the way through. A happy bunny has always been my goal and this is what I’ve always wanted.
    Love you nijntje.

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