Happy Tuesday Sir

I think someone stole the weekend …. because I don’t really remembering having one, do you??? LOL

It’s already Tuesday afternoon and as much as I want the week done so that free time with Sir is more prevalent, I don’t want my life to feel like it’s flying by! And now even the weekend seems to have disappeared …. ?!?!

It’s another rainy day and my head and body are still protesting. My mood is good but the amount of energy required to do anything is simply exhausting. My hands and feet are freezing and purple, might be a good night to take that picture we were talking about Sir, I think the colour change might be pretty obvious, even on our little camera.

At the moment I’m sitting with a cup of tea hoping to ease my head and body aches wondering just how much of this could have been avoided. Then again, if not going through it was to change anything about the person I am today than I would do it all over again.

Image result for it made me who i am today

That’s about it for today, nothing new or pressing on my mind. Just trying to stay warm and eagerly awaiting your arrival.  😀

Love You Always Sir ❤


Comments welcome! :D

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