Thursday – lots of rambling …

Nothing too major going on, we’ve had more rain so my body is showing me that it’s had more than enough of that! 😛 I’m finally feeling better and getting over the flu so that is a very good thing, and I’m looking forward to the weekend!

The dog is behaving herself again, I’m keeping a close eye on her and making sure to enforce all rules …. apparently one reminder was quite effective, not that I’m fooling myself into thinking nothing will ever happen again, they are animals and react to situations not the past.

The boys are being a pain in the mornings, no one wants to get up and go at the moment and I get stuck fighting the good fight to push them out the door!! lol Tired, grumpy teenage boys who don’t do well after 3 weeks of rain are a real treat at 7 am I tell yah!

It would be nice to say ‘oh I’m just submissive so Sir gets the job of taking care of this, and whatever else happens to come up that I don’t want to deal with’. That’s not how it works is it? To me that is nothing more than passing the buck and there is no real reason why I can’t do it so I do. I make the decisions around here when you’re not home because well, someone has too.

I remember early on talking to new submissives that were trying to figure it all out and that seemed to be a recurring theme, that they couldn’t do anything without specific direction from the dominant. I remember thinking that is certainly not for me, for us, how would I ever get anything done?

We don’t share our kink or protocol or ritual with the boys because frankly that would be weird! and not the point anyway. It’s not that we’re ashamed or worried about the life we have chosen but we don’t share the details with anyone why would we start with them? The kink and the dynamic is not that most important and it’s not what we want to show or teach them either.

It’s the responsibility, integrity, commitment to things and people that I hope they learn. It’s the understanding, listening and humility from BOTH sides that I hope they see and decide to follow. In our relationship we have decided that Sir is the dominant and I the submissive but that is simply a preference, the big picture is more about being a good person than collars, chains or kink.

I don’t think you need to be D/s to have a great relationship I think you need to be loving, honest, kind and open …. that is what I hope they see and learn. That’s what we’ve had since the beginning.

There are plenty of people out there using labels and titles and quite frankly the title does not make the relationship …. or the person!

Not sure where this train of thought came from, but at least it won’t keep me up tonight!!! LOL

Love You Always Sir ❤


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