The Warrior can slay her own dragons!

I’ll start off by saying that I had a wonderful weekend and I’m beginning to feel much better physically. I awoke this morning in a great mood and ready to take on the day, and it was a good thing too!

I don’t think it’s any secret that lately between my physical issues and the mental stress and frustration with work, among other things, I have been feeling a bit off-balance. I don’t mean off in my relationship or submission but just off as a person, as myself …

I have two big dogs and I have always believed that these two girls are the universes way of keeping tabs on me and letting me know how I’m doing. I am very much the one in charge of training and maintaining the good behaviour that is expected from these two. I wanted the dogs, I wanted big strong and powerful breeds and I am the one at home with them, and work with them 24/7. We got the dogs long before any sort of D/s relationship was in the picture and so I was easily seen as the Alpha in their lives and at home.

Anyway, the Rottweiler has had some physical issues to deal with also over the past 6 months and has basically been physically unable to do much without pain and suffering. After many, many dollars and surgeries she is now well on her way to recovery and normalcy. The long and short of it is that when she was down and out some of the regular rules and rituals got a bit relaxed due to her inability to move but now that she is regaining her strength she is feeling the need to test ….

Of course this comes at a time when I too am dealing with very similar issues and my work mindset has been frustrated and stressed to say the least! Well this is where I think the universe takes over and my dogs help in giving me just what I need and when I need it. Today the Rotti decided she was going to out-and-out fight the German Shepherd over a toy ball. The ball is and always has been the shepherd’s toy but I guess the Rotti decided she felt like taking over.

Now the rules in my house are that there is absolutely no fighting, ever between the dogs about anything. Toys, food, you name it because it all belongs to me anyway! Obviously the Rotti decided that I was off-balance and not doing my job properly because she jumped on her ‘sister’ and decided to assert her dominance ….. wrong!

After I grabbed the Rotti and firmly placed her on the ground at my feet where she belongs my energy made it very clear to her that this was unacceptable and that it would NOT happen again. I did not say a word, I did not get angry or worried or scared I simply took care of business. I now have a project to work on that will require my attention, dedication and complete control in order to be handled properly. Six months of relaxed rules will not be conquered over night especially if she felt she had the choice to try this in the first place ….

My submissive side is very comfortable and at peace with life and with Sir but my dominant side was missing something. My dogs as usual are a direct reflection of what and how I’m doing and feeling. The dominant one showed me I needed to set my balance back in this area and so I am. I don’t shy away from my natural dominance and having both sides to my personality doesn’t leave me confused either, it leaves me strong and fulfilled.

Now I’m not saying that if you are feeling off-balance you should go and wrestle a Rottweiler! I’m just saying that for me having both dominance in my personality and submission to Sir in my life as part of who I am works, and I need a balance of the two in order to be balanced and happy myself.

Now a days the dogs know that Sir is the Alpha of the household for when He gets home I will comfortably take my place at His feet, but until then I will also comfortably rule the house in His absence.

As for now, the two girls are sleeping side by side as though nothing has happened and I’m feeling much more at peace and relaxed at my work!

Image result for Anne Stokes Dragon
Anne Stokes Dragon


Love You Always Sir ❤


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