New Cuffs and Collar

I thought I’d post a clearer picture of the cuffs and collar that Sir bought a little while ago, it is more of a dressy set than a user-friendly set.


You can make out my permanent cuff on my left hand, that one is on 24/7, it is much smaller and easy to work in etc. It does now have a match/mate butΒ it’s not so hardy and comes off for play or when Sir wishes to use His other sets.

This new set is one of my favourites for just wearing and walking around in because of the look and feel of steel. Sir is keen on using chains for bondage and play more so than rope and I have said in the past that there is something about the feel of the chains, even if they are simply draped over me, that takes me to a calm and comfortable place in my mind. This set gives me that feeling as well.

Just like the chains this set is very cold to put on but I have found that it very quickly comes to body temperature and the amount of time I actually do feel the cold is very minimal. With my Raynaud’s the cold temperature would become torture very quickly but luckily it really is not a problem. Once the set comes up to temperature it pretty much stays warm until Sir decides to take it off.

We don’t use this set to play because it is not nearly tight enough and frankly it would get all scuffed up. We have heavy leather sets for actual bondage and play but this one is pretty to prance in … πŸ˜‰ LOL

Happy Sunday Again!

14 thoughts on “New Cuffs and Collar

  1. Actually have the same set, the wrist cuffs that is. boy also happens to have several other metal sets, they were purchased with no exact person in mind, just adding to a collection that seems to have no end. But they are comfortable…as well as utilitarian, since the ones boy has, the rings can be unscrewed and removed.

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      1. Ah nope! So close too, but mine are put on with a pin and allen key!
        I got the smallest size available but I still swim in them. They are really nice to wear though, I’m hoping I get to wear at least the cuffs out when I’m not working! I don’t want to ruin them, they are so pretty πŸ™‚


  2. Very nice!

    Comments such as yours combine with knowledge and skill to tempt me. Given the intended market, some things seem off. Think sizes or lack thereof, does anyone have round wrist, clasp methods and such. Given the skill and knowledge better things would be fairly easy. Having the skill, knowledge and experience makes it a tempting endeavor.

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    1. Indeed! πŸ˜€
      My size often makes it difficult to find things that fit even in leather, so we did know that this set would be more for show and protocol than anything else. We got the smallest size available and you can see in the collar especially that I’m just swimming in it!! lol
      Over all however it is a very comfortable set and if I was a bit bigger the play might even be possible! As for now we’ll stick to the leather for more custom sizing and wear ability at a reasonable price point.
      If you ever decide to endeavor to make a set however ….. πŸ˜€


      1. Odd thoughts….

        Be very careful with steel & play. Each thing has it’s unique dangers. Steel doesn’t give. Can you use “nerve damage” in a sentence?

        There are custom steel workers about but you tend to see wire rope for collars as it is the easiest.

        Please don’t think that I was saying anything negative. They are very nice and I love that you attained something that you both like.

        It is a temptation. A wide set of skills let loose by a creative mind can be fun and I’ve created a lot of useful things for that reason. The rub is that few are willing to pay for a bespoke product and everyone needs to eat sooner or later!

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      2. Understood!
        My much smaller permanent cuff fits like a glove, it also cost close to $500 USD each and unfortunately is no longer available … 😦 it has no rings and is not used for play but it is very comfortable and durable. You get what you pay for, I get that!


      3. Send photo of it is you wish, you have me curious of its construction.

        Yes you do. Most are unaware that stainless is a pain to work with and expensive from the get go. Vastly different from aluminum trinkets. In fairness, aluminum cuffs with the proper coating would be a great option. Lighter (less chance of injuring sub), quicker to warm, greater comfort, easier to customize and less expensive being a big part of reasoning.

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      4. boy has heard that stainless is a pain to work with, but many custom cuffs and restraints are made out of a different metal then chromed, which makes it look like stainless, but becomes much sturdier (any one of the websites by the fellow that goes by FoToRo on comes immediately to mind).
        Most of the steel cuffs that boy owns are commercially created products, a couple of them even came from Hong Kong, or India, purchased either by a specific website or through eBay. He has a yoke that’s chromed steel, (wished it wasn’t) but it’s for a specific size, and doesn’t fit very well on him.
        All things being equal, one would like to play with metal, but as C for Now states, it’s diabolically unforgiving and it doesn’t take much to hurt oneself, usually without trying to. Hence why it’s nice for photoshoots, but not exactly the right medium to use for everyday BDSM interaction and play.

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