Taking on Tuesday

Some times I think the ‘Tuesday Blues’ are much worse than Monday. Not that I get the blues, that’s not exactly what I’m saying, it’s just the feeling of ‘oh I wish’ that I get when it’s back to work and back to responsibilities and short on time and all I want to do is spend a few more lazy hours with you Sir!

Mondays seem to come and go too fast to really be noticed. There is always so much to do and your body is getting back into the swing of things and so before I know it the day is done and my Bear is back for me to hold on to and cuddle! 😀

We try to not do any chores or errands on the weekends so that we have all the time to ourselves which means things get caught up on Monday and before you know it the day is done … without much fuss or notice. By Tuesday morning however getting up is a bit easier, the rhythm of the work week has set back in and things get done and ready much quicker … leaving mental space and time to notice that someone is missing from my side!

Image result for girl and polar bear bookYup, I’m going to have to say that Tuesdays are much more effort to get through than Mondays, Mondays around here fly by to quickly …. it’s by Tuesday morning that I start to notice time drag on.

If my body would cooperate and I didn’t feel so physically exhausted I could at least find things to keep me busy and focused, of course there is also the work day that has been cut back enough to be pretty mentally boring but not enough to afford me free time to do what I want and need.

Of all the possible things and emotions that a person can go through I think the worst one for me is boredom and I’m afraid that’s where I am now. I’m guessing that’s part of the reason I feel so tired at work lately, and run down. Mentally I know this leaves me more likely to catch something and of course I end up with a new cold every  couple of weeks! UGH ….

I know it’s just a matter of a few more months but I need to get out of this mental groove at work …. which reminds me, I do have a theory/idea! When you get a chance perhaps I could explain?

I think that’s it for my ramble today …. not much going on just bored! This part of my work life has run its course and I’m eagerly awaiting such a time as when I can move on!

Image result for bored bunny

I think I’ll grab a cup of coffee, put on a happy face and find something productive to fill my time! See you soon ….

Love You Always Bear! ❤

Comments welcome! :D

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