Old school romance – still!

I like to go back and re-read the things I’ve written, I think it’s important to remember all the things I have thought and learned in order to make sure I’m still where I want to be, and maybe bring back some of the excitement and determination we all get when we start on something new. It’s also a good reminder not to fall into the trap of reading other’s stories and thinking perhaps we should change ours or might be missing something. lord knows opinions are a dime a dozen, mine included! LOL

This has long been one of my favourite posts from a year ago and I find it every bit as true and satisfying to read now as it was to write then. I was reading a lot of things about how this should be done and how a DOM should be acting and I guess this was my reaction to it all ….


I have always loved the old school romance stories of the dapper gentleman who was well-mannered and in full control of his life, and the strong opinionated lady who didn’t quite get along with the rest of society and the ton. She was too intelligent, too self-sufficient and not at all the quiet, shy and meek creature all the other gents took for wives!

This gentleman however was strong enough and sure enough in himself to let her be her true self! He had no need to change or stifle that firecracker he had fallen in love with and to hell with what the ton thought anyway!

He lets her run and ‘play’ in life as much or as little as she needs. He is content to let her speak and let her have her way, most of the time. 😉   She is in control of her life but the reality is without his strength or protection she wouldn’t have a safe place to run in. When He has decided she has over stepped it only takes a look to bring her back.

The outward illusion might be that she does as she pleases but the reality is that he is in complete control. She belongs to Him mind, body and soul. He doesn’t run around shouting orders or making rules, he doesn’t have to. His power over her is much deeper than anything you could put down on paper anyway.

He knows as well as she does that a true Dominant doesn’t need to spell out rules and regulations. Just his presence is enough to inspire her to follow and to be on her best behaviour. He speaks when he needs too, and she follows, just a whisper from Him is all it takes. The rest of the time he is happy to watch her grow and excel. She is His after all, why wouldn’t he take pride in her accomplishments, in her freedom, in her spirit?

He is her gentleman and she is His lady.

Every word still rings true for me Sir, I hope it does for you as well!

Love You Always my Wonderful ❤

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