His submissive, not oppressed.

I like to peruse different sites and get an idea of what people are thinking. I have found that my thought process is often very different from anything I find on the web or in the papers, or from just listening to conversation in general. I like to take into account all sides and aspects before forming an opinion, even some ideas that most wouldn’t even consider because to me there is always more than just two sides to every story.

Normally when it comes to writing a post like this I have over time encountered the same or similar statement in different avenues with the issue for me always the same, I disagree with enough of the statement to find it faulty but for some reason no one else has …. at least not ‘out loud’.

The 1950’s house wife vs. women’s lib

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There seems to be an acceptance of the idea that the 50’s had it all right and that the women’s lib movement was really not necessary and in fact created some serious issues for some of us ladies out here who want to be that stay at home, or traditional doting wife. The idea that perhaps things should have been left alone and that we would all be better for it  … humm.

I think that’s an interesting thing for us to say now a days, now that we do have the right and ability to take care of ourselves. Now that we can go out into the work force, even if we are mothers … even if we are married, and no one will think twice about it or put us down for wanting it. I think it’s easy to say that one should follow their husband and let them lead the relationship when we still ultimately have the right and ability to leave should that relationship turn abusive or just cruel.

I think the biggest difference between my life and the life of a wife some 70 years ago is that I have a CHOICE! I have chosen to follow my husband because He has earned the right to lead not just because He is male and because society says so. I have chosen how far to go in my education, it was not dictated by outside pressures due to my gender, I chose what career path to follow, I chose whether or not to have children and how many, I chose to get married and I chose to put my husband in charge of our life together. I chose …..

Women’s rights and the pursuit of equality is not just a marital thing, it’s much more than that and to say that it wasn’t right or wasn’t worth it because I have chosen to make my life look similar to those 1950’s housewives would be a bunch of crap, because at the end of the day I get to choose how I want to live in a way that suits me and having the choice is what makes it okay.

In my opinion no woman wants to go back to the way it was, you want to go to a fantastical story book version of the way it was when you get to have the man in charge but He is always good and wholesome and honest and kind. I’m not saying none of them were, but I am saying that some were not … and having the choice and ability to stay or go makes it all different and makes the women’s lib all necessary and right!

All our relationships are consensual ….. or at least they should be! If at some point I start to feel that I’m more oppressed than I am His submissive than I have the right and ability to leave and make my own way in this new and (closer to) equal world for women everywhere.

Choice matters! I haven’t even touched on the idea that there are male submissive’s out there also …. and we haven’t even left North America yet with the different sides and stories.

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Yeah, I know none of this is what you meant (or at least I certainly hope not!) but it is part of the bigger picture of what you’re saying.


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