My Sir is a very happy and indulgent man! 😀 He goes through and shows a lot of emotion, He is certainly not afraid of having them. The one emotion however that I never see is anger, not with me anyway.

In the almost 22 years we have been together I don’t ever remember Him shouting at me or being disrespectful because of a disagreement or difference of opinion. He’s never walked out on me or turned His back, He’s never been that guy …. (I’ve never been the rude or disrespectful wife either.)

Managing His anger or behaving like a real man has never been an issue pre or post D/s but what has changed is this:


The Look! Staying in control was never an issue, but now that He knows He has it …. the look! I hate the look, He doesn’t need to yell, He doesn’t need to get angry or slam doors or walk out or whatever else might be common for people when they are upset … He just gives me the look.

It says to me “Do you really want to do that? Is that really how you want to play?” and sometimes “Keep it up and you won’t be sitting down any time soon …”

I don’t often get the look, like I said it hate it! It’s been well over a year since the last sentiment for sure!! Sir doesn’t need to get angry, when you are well in control of things, it shows. It’s that quiet, calm and controlled look of disapproval that I do anything to avoid!

A real dominant commands respect, that’s why I follow the Bear.

Love You Always Sir ❤



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