No Orgasm please.

I know, I know, some of you out there are thinking what?!?! Why would I post something like that, what in the world could I be thinking? Well the truth is that sometimes I really don’t want one … at least not right then! ;D

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Part of my submission, part of what makes me feel good and fulfilled is being able to be there for Sir. One of these such ways is sexually of course, we are mature, responsible adults in a committed relationship, why would that not be an option?

Besides being there sexually though, sometimes I want to show that I am there JUST for Him, and only His needs not mine. I don’t think that idea is uncommon in this type of relationship, the idea that the dominant gets to take for His/Her pleasure alone but it’s more than that sometimes …. It becomes what I need at times, what I’m craving to provide even if He is not at that moment taking.

Now mind you my view might be different if my situation was different I grant you that. My Sir is extremely generous with allowing me pleasure so it’s not like I would be suffering over this in any way. I certainly get my share of orgasms … (and this is in no way a complaint Sir!!!)

I guess what I’m saying is that sometimes I get so lost in the act of being there for and giving to my Sir that the last thing I am looking for or needing is my own release. Not being allowed to do this for Him and Him only sometimes feels like I have let something really wonderful slip away. I want to show Him my devotion and need to serve in a very physical way that leaves my other needs completely out of it, but alas sometimes Sir has other plans for me. Again, not a complaint just a statement. I very much enjoy doing ‘that’ too.

It’s the giving of that part of myself to Him and ONLY Him with no expectation in return that makes me feel like I can finally show Him just the depth of my submission and my devotion to Him, and to us. In my mind there is nothing more intimate or more personal and that is what I want to give and share with Sir. It’s the deepest, truest and most vulnerable part of me physically depicted with no expectation in return, it’s simply offered as a representation of my feelings of love, trust and devotion.

In case anyone was ever curious, it is also why I don’t write about our sex life in any detail. That type of intimacy to me is reserved for only one.

Love You Always Sir ❤

Comments welcome! :D

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