Another weekend come and gone and the dreaded Monday morning back once more. I suppose I should be grumpy, or sulky or some sort of ‘off’ this morning since I’m missing you already but I’m not.

I’m sitting gingerly on this hard wooden chair being reminded of our time together, your ownership of me , of my body but most importantly of my mind. I could sit somewhere more comfortable, but I don’t want to. I like feeling the after effects of our time, our play, our connection. It’s just one more thing that keeps me feeling close to you even when you’re not here.

The more we experiment and the more you enjoy me the more at peace I feel. It’s strange that something so exposed and open can make me feel stronger and more sure of myself but it always seems to. The more you show me what pleases you, the more connected and safe I feel. The more you allow me to be yours the more I can be myself ….

So yes it’s Monday but I prefer to focus on all the little bits of my body that are reminding me of you! They help me stay warm and surrounded by your energy and strength until I can wait contently at your feet to be invited back into your arms.

Image result for kneeling for Sir

Love You Always My Wonderful ❤



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