Toys revisited …

A little while back I wrote a post about ‘toys’ and the fact that I really didn’t have much want or need for them. I also mentioned that perhaps it was simply a matter of not really knowing how to incorporate them into our play in a way that would be enjoyable and fun. Well since that time we have been experimenting with the collection of toys we had and also have added a few new ones to the mix! I must say that the experience has been enlightening to say the least! LOL  Image result for kinky toys


I still very much prefer to be ‘hands on’ and there is no toy out there that will change that. With Sir I am a very sensual person and I love to be touched and rubbed etc. With everyone else however I NEED my personal space! I have never liked to be touched or even stand very closely to anyone. I remember clearly how annoyed and irritated I used to get when I was expecting and everyone seemed to think it was okay to just walk up and touch or rub my belly. My reaction was always a huge step back and to try and hide the look of horror that flashed across my face.

I have never been a ‘touchy, feely’ kind of person, I am getting much better at giving hugs and accepting hugs from close friends and family (although my first instincts to crawl away are often still present) but in general I still very much prefer my space!

You can start to understand why Sir thought I was simply not the type to want his attention constantly over the years. I never shied away from Him but my reaction to others was obvious to Him and I suppose He just assumed it would be the same in His case. The reality was/is that without physical contact from Him I get none, and maybe that’s one reason that I crave the feel of His skin on mine even more so. It doesn’t need to be sexual, just touch …

More honest communication back then would have certainly gone a long way to understanding this but there is nothing to be done for it now. It does however serve as a reminder that things are not always as they seem and we now talk about EVERYTHING, always!

But, back to toys …. I still do not care to use them on their own but with some imagination and a lot of other sensual play I have learned that even I can learn to enjoy these things! 😀 Sir seems to love to watch my body react for Him and sometimes drive me a little ‘squirrelly’ for His amusement! 😛 Okay, maybe a lot squirrelly!

My favourites are still impact related or bondage but I must admit that toys have found a spot in our play time. Sir has bought a new collar and cuffs that I’m just excited to wear but the opportunity has not yet shown itself. I’m more then happy to wear the entire ensemble out and about but I’m pretty sure He will keep the collar at least for the house, for now .. 😉 Soon please Sir ???

My style (and attitude) has always been very Abby Sciuto a bit girly in a dark and eccentric sort of way. Funny thing is D/s has actually stopped me from wearing more obvious collars out so as to not draw attention …. but I do proudly wear what ever Sir will allow.

Love You Always Sir ❤


2 thoughts on “Toys revisited …

  1. That is a very generous offer, thank you. I’m pretty confident that it was my lack of interest in toys that fueled His disinterest in the first place but new ideas are never a bad thing! lol


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