I have had a very long and tiresome week, and today in particular was one f&ck of a day; and through it all I was good, ….

…. until about 10 minutes ago, and now I’m just feeling ANGRY and STUPID!

Image result for angry screaming banshee

Sometimes dominants makes mistakes, but as a submissive it cuts deeper than anything or anyone else out there!

I need some time ….

This is the hardest part of the dynamic, trying to not get crushed on the ride.

Happy Friday!

8 thoughts on “Angry

    1. Thank you! 🙂
      I’m either all in or all out I’m afraid, so with Sir I’m completely defenseless. The good news is I kept it together … 😀
      (And He’s already doing damage control ..)


  1. Hello, new follower so pardon the abrupt intro.

    These are the moments to breathe a deep breath and remember the past. Those moments or conflicts appeared out of nowhere. Hopefully they were resolved. Let that memory keep the easy words out of the air and in your mouth until such time as the situation can be addressed calmly.

    You are right about doms. We screw up. Inadvertently hurting ones we care for is (at different times) painful, confusing in the moment and, on occasion, cause for self-doubt. If this is the first time that this particular trap has been tripped, use care in the announcement but, above all, do discuss it to avoid history repeating itself. With luck you will both find growth, greater understanding and a stronger mutual respect from this unexpected thing.

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    1. Hello and thank you! 🙂

      You are right of course, taking a moment to breathe and think is definitely the first step. And I do try very hard to do that first.

      We have (I have) recently delved even deeper into my submissive self and I guess this is just a small growing pain along the way. The idea of being disrespectful to Sir would never cross my mind, but the idea of shutting down and walling up did. I didn’t say a word but I’m certain the tears in my eyes gave me away ….

      I’m glad to say that He is too strong to let my hurt scare Him, and we have already taken steps to work this out. Once something is in my head it doesn’t just leave (I will post the story later once a bit less raw) but His commitment to me is obvious and so I will continue to be open with Him, and I’m certain we will only grow stronger as a result.

      It was mostly a misunderstanding/miscommunication of sorts, but you know what they say about Pandora’s Box!

      And welcome, it’s always nice to hear from someone new. 😀


      1. It takes a certain touch and a bit of restraint when you see the shutdown starting. You describe a good person though. A good dom, leader or what have you won’t seek that reaction. They will try (rather immediately) to identify and correct it’s source and you have alluded to his doing so. Creating that reaction steers a relationship in a bad direction and no worthy leader seeks such. That realization is one to hold on to when that emotion strikes and that is when, as we both touched on, the knowledge that we are only human (and sometimes need grace too) becomes very important.

        It is good to hear that the hurt is being addressed and you both seek what’s best. I like a happy ending.

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