The Magician

There is something simply magical about the way my Sir plays with me and signs me!

Image result for magician and rabbit

Sir has this way about tormenting my body in a slow and meticulous way, slowly increasing the intensity and priming the skin …

By Monday morning I still feel every bite, every strike …. when I sit or move a certain way He’s there, with me in my mind and I feel Him in my muscles and on my skin. But I can’t find HIM, anywhere ….. !?!

The marks He left are gone but I can still very much feel it, much deeper than anything anyone can see on the surface. Just like our dynamic, it’s not on display for the world, but I can certainly feel it with every movement!

The magician leaves His mark deep down in my tissues, just like on my soul. ❤

Love You Sir ❤

Comments welcome! :D

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