And in this corner ….

Image result for submissive offeringI said a little while back that I wanted to bump up my efforts in our relationship and try to be more submissive to Sir more often, and I have been trying very hard both physically and mentally to stay as true as possible … all the time.

Well the truth is that I am not the only one bumping up my game, Sir too has noticed and joined in my efforts to make this dynamic just as rich and close to perfect for us as we can get it! So recently He has added a few more requests to my daily routine and added a few new tasks.

Image result for dominant

All of this extra attention has got me feeling like the Jim Carey character in the Liar Liar movie!! LOL I can’t seem to stop talking and I can’t even come close to telling a lie! Not that I would have lied to Him ever anyway, but this feels like information overload to me … every single thought and every single detail. I can’t help myself, I’m completely open, honest and ‘soft and squishy’!

These things are leaving me mindful, submissive and very vulnerable to Sir. I swear if I could find a way to crawl inside and curl up close to His heart I would.

Tasks …. I guess my body physically makes me call on things emotionally – I guess that’s the secret … 😚

Love You Always Sir ❤

Comments welcome! :D

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