The double edged sword strikes again …

I know I just wrote about ‘bumping’ up my efforts yesterday but I actually started to put it into practice on the weekend. We have more free time and I felt it was a good opportunity to start! It offered more time to think and prepare and plan to be the best I could be for you and by Monday I had a decent plan of action to continue on with. I’m a planner, what can I say! lol

As far as I can tell it has already helped to enhance our great relationship, why stop at good or great when you can go for fantastic? I’m a bit of a go getter too … ;P

I guess as time goes on the physical shows of domination and submission start to slow down a bit and busy days turn to busy nights and if we’re not careful some of the things that make this dynamic great start to slowly fade into the background. I know it can’t be all high protocol all the time but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try our best to do as much as we can, when we can. And that responsibility falls to me also … not just you. That was what started this train of thought last week and this is where it has led me so far. From our conversation last night I’m going to say that you approve! 😀

Image result for dominant and submissive embrace

The other side of this coin of course is that when I put myself out there for you and leave myself raw with emotion and desire I also feel your absence much more deeply. I’m not talking about just sexual desire, I mean the desire to be near you, with you, just surrounded by your strength and in your arms …. It’s sometimes an overwhelming need to just be yours and nothing more …

As with everything balance is the key, and those tasks that I talked about help to keep things balanced until you’re home again. Wearing your ring calms me, wearing a day collar keeps me grounded, and taking a few minutes to kneel and think about what I can do for you makes me feel fulfilled. As simple as they are these things offer a connection to you that I miss greatly when I’m not actively doing something to offer my submission to the man I love.

I can’t be yours completely and shut these things off when you are not around but with your guidance Sir these things can be happy and balanced moments instead of anxious and depressing hours of waiting …

So yes your tasks are more than just things to do, and I thank you for providing them!

Love You Always My Wonderful ❤


Comments welcome! :D

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