This is mine …

I’ve been doing some thinking lately, mostly because I have some time on my hands and because I have been talking to a friend that has reminded me to stop and take a step back and take note of how things are going in my life, our life!

Don’t fret Sir, there is nothing wrong that I need to talk to you about or anything like that! I just like to stop and think once in a while of how things are and where I would like them, or simply if I’m doing all I can and holding up my responsibility in this commitment to you, to us.

This submission is mine, I’m the one who decides how much or how often. I’ve said before, I don’t believe submission is because of the dominant, I believe it is completely under the control of the submissive. You can correct and try to control all sorts of things but the fact is that if I don’t want to, I won’t. Simple as that …. anything forced is simply not consensual and well a different situation all together, isn’t it? So like I said, this is mine … I can choose to give it to you and I can choose how much and how well, but it is still mine to begin with and as such it’s also my responsibility.

I’m pretty sure you will disagree with this next part, but … I think I can do better! I think there are some things that I have not done to my best ability and for that I sincerely apologize. I’m going to work on being more of the submissive you deserve in my actions, more often.

Image result for submission is

I can’t expect the best from you and then not put in my best in return. It’s not that I think I’m doing anything wrong, I just don’t think my external actions are matching my internal thoughts quite so well.

Just like everyone else we have lives and responsibilities and children and pets and friends … etc. etc. and before you know it the end of the day is here and we haven’t had a chance for much else. The house is never our own and well times for more obvious showings of my submission are difficult to find.

I guess the short and long of it is that when I am more mindful I can find more times to sneak in more showings of my submission to you and I can also be more demonstrative of how much I love you and adore your touch! So this week I am going to work on both those things and I hope that it will please you ….

Love You Always Sir ❤

Comments welcome! :D

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