Mother Nature

Some things about my body really do puzzle me, okay well maybe just this one! Or maybe it’s just frustration …. LOL

I think mother nature must have quite the sense of humour, because why else would I be more needy and wanting on the one week (few days really) that are the messiest!! UGH!

Outside of the really hard menopausal months I have never really gotten b*tchy or sad or grumpy even with my cycle, but the one thing that has never changed is that my sex drives ramps up! You’d think that wasn’t even possible really, I have never suffered from not wanting to have sex let’s put it that way.

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So I’m hoping for maybe some play anyway but I’d swear ‘she’ installed a switch with men that says ‘game off for now’ as soon as they find out! 😛 It appears to be a bugger to reprogram!! LOL

Maybe it’s not sense of humour after all, maybe she’s just a b*tch!?!?

Feeling feisty, can you tell?

Love You Sir ❤

9 thoughts on “Mother Nature

    1. I wanted to ask, you don’t have issues with it falling out when playing around? With my cycle being sometimes so erratic Sir is liking this idea … sometimes it shows up mid month for just a few hours, but always the ‘wrong’ few hours of course! 😛


      1. Never. I use soft cups which are disposable. Never had a mess. It takes some getting used to putting it in and out without making a mess, but once you get the hang of it, it’s amazing. It also helps my cramps, not sure how, but tampons seem to make them worse.

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      2. That’s awesome, thank you! 😀 Never knowing when was becoming a bit annoying, and playing through, well who wants to deal with the mess if you don’t have to?? lol
        Fortunately for me, heredity says I should be done in about a year 😀 woohoo!


  1. That’s a really good idea! 😀 My cramps are so bad that there is no way I could do penetration anyway right now, and by the time they subside sex tends to stop the flow anyway … just a couple days. But I will certainly use that once this stage of menopause decides to leave me!! 😀 And at all those mid cycle surprise visits. Thanks!!


  2. Ah, good ole Mother Nature!! She does certainly have a sense of humor. Hope today is finding you less crampy.
    My Dom and i are totally into menstrual blood play and even menstrual blood worship so we don’t let Aunt Flo stop us…even when I’m crampy and wouldn’t mind stopping lol. Orgasms can really help a worked up uterus and put her back to ‘sleep’. A menstrual cup or even a fresh tampon after a good shower can knock out any “uncomfortable”…although completely normal…bodily scents if your Sir is feeling linguistic and wants to be the mighty Knight who slays the evil cramps ogre the young maiden. 😉
    Just a thought… 😊

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    1. Another great idea! LOL I dare say the mighty Knight over here seems to think that knocking out the cramp making ogre is a wonderful idea and seems to think it is worth a try!! 😉
      Things are much different now that I’m menopausal than they were before hand, honestly they wouldn’t have stopped me then … I ‘lovingly’ refer to the first couple days now as a murder scene, because honestly it is that much and that fast! UGH hence the severe cramps.
      I do think you are on to something with the idea of easing them up with some orgasmic play!! Doing that first might just make everything else doable again, sweet!! Thanks!!


    1. It’s fun once you get started, that’s for sure. The problem is the getting started part … I’ve had it before where it felt like a knife stuck into me, not so much fun!
      We did however start slow 😉 and things proceeded very well from there! and yes even the cramps were gone for a few hours, now that too was a bonus! 🙂


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