Submitting completely – His way/Take 2

I originally wrote this 8 months ago and I like to go back to it every so often to remind myself …. This time I think I will add a little to it and give myself more to remember and ponder for the next visit! Enjoy …

Submission is doing what He wants but it is also not getting upset when there is something He doesn’t want, if His plans don’t match mine or if He just wants something different right now.

If He chooses not to give directions on how my day is to be run then I submit to that want. If He has no need to manage my spending then I will submit to that want. Getting upset because His plan does not match mine is not submission, it’s still leading. Being responsible for myself because that is what He wants, that is submission because it pleases Him. Coming to Him if there is an actual issue and not bothering Him with all sorts of pointless decisions to make, that is submission because that is what makes Him happy. That is what He wants!

Everyone is different and everyone’s wants and needs are different. To submit to your dominant you follow their lead, not someone else’s. The point is to please Him and if whatever list or ritual you have read about does not please Him then it’s not submitting for you to insist on getting it or getting upset because they are not doing it.

If this thing is one of your needs then put it under that umbrella. Bring it to their attention as a want or need of yours. Let them decide whether or not to indulge you and then submit to whatever decision they have made.  They may decide yes to please you, that’s their right! They also might decide no … why would a ‘no’ make you happier? Be happy with the yes if that’s what you get, you must be pleasing them enough to have them want to indulge you. Go with it!

~ As you wish and however you wish Sir ~

My Sir is not one for many rules and often doesn’t give many orders either. I guess it goes along with my warrior personality, I really don’t require much guidance until I do! LOL

Sometimes I have to remind myself that just because I don’t have lists to follow doesn’t mean that He’s not still leading, it just means that I’m doing a good job at whatever needs to be done. I have to be sure to keep the warrior spirit at bay when He finally does say something because if I’m not mindful I will very quickly turn to the ‘who the heck are you to tell me’ side of my personality. Some might think that because I don’t get constant orders that my submission should be easy, I say it is quite the opposite.

I might technically be able to do what I want because the order hasn’t been given to the contrary but my commitment to Sir says it’s quite the opposite! Keeping yourself in check when no one is watching can be just as challenging if not more so if you ask me.

Like this afternoon for example, I have no set tasks and I have plenty to do to keep me busy for work but when I do get just a few minutes to myself my mind automatically goes to what I think He would like to see when He finally gets home …

I could sit around and have a cup of coffee, or read a few chapters of a book or just linger a bit longer for my lunch ….. but instead I know that there are a couple of dishes in the sink and He prefers to see it clean and clear when He gets home, the laundry has piled up enough to be divided into loads to throw in the wash tonight, there are some old newspapers that can be put into the recycle bins, the glass tables are due for a polish and shine …. and He really does prefer to have something to read when He gets in, so I am working on this post!

No, none of these things have been specifically spelled out as my tasks for the day but I know that’s what He wants. I don’t always have time to sneak some of these things in but given any sort of opportunity He knows I will, so it’s not dictated but it’s done anyway.

It might not sound like much but the fact is that I do it for Him, I would prefer to sit and read, I don’t get much time for that. Most of my commands from Sir would be more in keeping with “Don’t do anything today, if you get a chance, just read!” LOL But He hasn’t said that today so I’m off and running some more, for Him, because it pleases Him …. so I submit for His pleasure without being micro managed.

Love You Always Sir ❤


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