Today’s ‘Shower Talk’ – Habits

Shower talk is what I decided to call things that occur to me when I’m performing other tasks, like taking a shower. Some are my random thoughts and some are not so random. So here goes …

When I wanted to break the smoking habit I looked at triggers that made me want to smoke and stayed away from them. I found other areas to be around instead of areas with smokers and I cut out (or tried to) breaks with smoking friends.

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I looked for good habits to replace the bad one and to be sure to fill the extra time! They say you never truly break a habit, you simply replace it with a different one … I think that rings true for most of us.

Anyway, to the point of this post, what I didn’t do was go hang out at the cigar bar with an old smoking buddy and try to fool myself into thinking I would be okay, and that my new-found reason and good habits would be sustained!

Just food for thought …. BTW I have been smoke free 3 1/2 years now! 😀

Love You Sir ❤



4 thoughts on “Today’s ‘Shower Talk’ – Habits

  1. Way to go! I too have been smoke free for a year and 5 months! It’s unbelievable what a difference it’s already made in my health! I no longer need my inhaler and at this point my doctor has diagnosed me as asthma free! (Mine was brought on by smoking) and I don’t get sick nearly as much as I used too! 🙂

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  2. Way to go you too! 😀 Smoking is certainly a hard habit to break, but I was also using this as an analogy to other habits that we may find ourselves trying to break out of!
    Putting yourself into similar situations will likely bring out the same habit … etc.


  3. I’d say truly wanting to quit is the first step, I tried many times until I finally made an honest decision because it’s hard work and you will certainly be tempted.
    Once that happens you need to try and identify the times you are most likely to smoke and plan to do something else, distraction! Normally it falls into place when you change the habits/triggers that would normally have you reaching for a cigarette, at least for a while.
    There are prescriptions that can be given through your doctor as well to help ease out of the habit and quit all together. The last time I quit I started by cutting down first, then setting a date on the calendar and making sure to tell someone, it gives you accountability making you more likely to stick to it!
    And lastly, when it comes to this never quit quitting!! LOL There are likely going to be relapses, but just keep moving forward with it and you will get there! Best of luck to you, and him! 🙂


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