My Sir, the sadist

I can tell when the mood is right and the focus is completely on what He wants … He feels strong and in control and the only energy in the room.

When that energy is about Him I get completely lost in it, completely at His mercy and no thoughts or feelings invade my mind, nothing but Him and a peaceful calm.

It sounds backwards … the calm and stillness I get from such a rough and primal act, but that is exactly how it feels to me. It’s like existing on another plane where only the two of us are there and I have no need for worries or fears. The impact heightens all my senses including the belonging and security of being completely His …

This is miles from where we started and I’m certain that tapping into this side of Himself was not easy, but He did it for me …. I think and hope now that it is for Himself too.

Image result for dom and his toysWe had the smallest taste of what it could be like if we had the house to ourselves this past week. It was only a few hours but it was even more freeing then we could have imagined ….

I love my kids, but I can’t wait to have my SIr more often! 😉

Love You Sir ❤

2 thoughts on “My Sir, the sadist

  1. Oh I can only dream about an entire week atm … can’t wait to be sure! Both boys are very much ‘home bodies, I’m honestly not sure if we have had more then a few nights since the oldest was born! And I really do mean 3 or 4 …!! LOL


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