Just a re-blog, some of you are new to the site and I felt that this is one very important aspect of my personality that you should understand …. most of my more detailed and in depth posts were done at the beginning of this blog.
If you are interested in more of my point of view instead of just my daily interactions you might want to back track a bit … the posts are reactions to things I heard when first starting on this journey and things that I tried to make sense of along the way! 😀

nijntje & The Bear

I’ve been talking a lot lately to people all over the world and the one common thread is how many of us have demons in our past that we just can’t shake. Everyone has ways of dealing with them, or so they say …. In my opinion dealing with them usually means hiding from the truth or pushing it deep down where you think no one can see it and it can’t reach you. My experience has been that that way of dealing really just doesn’t work.

In order to truly be over whatever it is that is weighing you down in life you need to first face it, head on. It likely won’t be easy and it won’t be pleasant but it will be worth it in the end. You need to start this journey just like any other you actually wish to conquer, with being really honest with…

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2 thoughts on “Hiding

  1. Thank you for the re-post; words I need to reread over and over and make mine. It is hard to walk away from ingrained behavior of a lifetime even when it has the ability to destroy your own happiness. I need to focus on what we have: our life and future together and what we mean to each other. Forgetting the past may not be easy or needed, but moving forward is!

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