My scattered thoughts today ….

A trail of thoughts through my mid-morning and afternoon ….

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I woke up this morning with many ideas in my head, much to say and write about, the thoughts having played on my mind all night as is the case with anything before I finally get a chance to write it down!

We had had a nice conversation last night, some things I had read about from my explorations on-line! Some things just coming together for me in my own mind from putting things together through the experiences of others, learning …!

I was going to put them all down today in a nice post, hopefully coherent enough for anyone who might happen upon it! And then came your message this morning! (Darn bunny talks too much, humm??)

First command was to wear your ring on my finger today until just after lunch …. okay! It took a few minutes for me to get up to getting it, I was conscious of the fact that I still needed to the whole time, not panic or worry, just aware. I was getting to the instructions just a soon as feasibly possible (again spirit of) so I didn’t feel stressed over it, but just physically aware that there was still something missing.

When I did get the ring on my thumb (it’s much too big for my fingers) it’s presence kept me mindful of why I was wearing it, even though truthfully it is a bit of a pain with my job, and having to wash my hands often and knowing that it is still way too loose and could fall off at anytime. Depending on the exact task at hand I will switch it back and forth from one hand to the other …. all the while very consciously aware that I am doing this for you, that I belong to you. It also reminded me of the next task set out, and the fact that it was because of my submission to you ….

After lunch the ring came off and the second task completed, (I’m not going into detail) although it did not require a lot of time it did require a lot of my concentration and made me feel even more submissive and mindful. My connection to you has been heightened through these tasks and my mind now is very much on pleasing you and following directions.

I have placed your ring on my necklace as per your instructions and every so often I get a slight panic that it’s not still on my thumb, until I remember that it’s now safely around my neck and I slide my thumb into it anyway … thinking of you and waiting for you to be home.

None of the tasks set out by you are/were overwhelming or dificult to complete but they do make me feel connected and cared for and mindful of my submission. You said you’d be asking about them tonight …. I’m eager to curl up and tell you about my day Sir!

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I’ve got some things now to get caught up on and cleaned away, I know that’s what you would like to see so I guess the ideas and eureka’s will just have to wait for another day!

Love You Always Sir ❤

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