Time … so wonderfully wasted!

Oh the times, they are a changin’ ….

I used to be a Martha and Betty shoo-in, all good things and baked goods! Now I’m more of an Yvonne De Carlo

Image result for yvonne de carlo

That’s not to say that I don’t still like to have things organized and I don’t still enjoy cooking and baking … those things just take a second seat to primming and prepping and looking good for my man, so that I can hopefully waste the weekend rolling around in bed 😉 or where ever else He decides to take me!!

I’m more fun. more happy and more free! The kids have informed me that I have many laughs but they know just how they all go and they imitate them quite well, or so says Sir. Apparently I do more laughing and smiling and just plain having fun than anything else in my day-to-day …..

I’m going to have to say it’s time well wasted then! And yes, everything else still gets done … even if it does take an extra day or two! Who cares …. why put off til tomorrow the happiness of today?

Happy Sunday!!

Love You Sir ❤

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