Still crappy …

I’m still feeling pretty crappy today, tired and headache. This cold is just enough to be annoying but the weather has taken a turn so my headache is worse because of it. I get migraines …

I think these are the days that being your submissive is the most obvious to me. Before I wouldn’t have thought twice about what I had to accomplish today I would just suck it up and keep moving. Now I think about how far should I really be pushing myself? What can I leave for later and ask you to help me with, and what can I just not worry about because at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter ….

Before I would have been counting down the hours until things were done and I could crawl into bed, now I count the minutes until I can kneel at your feet and be allowed into your lap …

Image result for in his lap

Before I was on my own, now I belong to you Sir!

Love You Always ❤

Comments welcome! :D

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