A Good Man

Sir and I went to a ‘concert’ last night, I use that term very loosely! It started out okay, nice actually, there was a 60’s/70’s band playing. They did a lot of old-time favourites of course and the show was quite enjoyable …. then it came time for the main attraction!

Well he should have been the main attraction I was very much looking forward to it most of the summer! We have a concert on the commons every Friday night throughout the summer in our city and this weekend it was an Elvis impersonator! I love Elvis maybe more than Oprah and bread! 😉

Well this particular old man was not at all worth watching! I’m sorry I really try to be optimistic and look at the bright side and positive in all situations but this one!! Well, I’m afraid the ‘show’ if you could call it that was just terrible ….  He did have a CD of Elvis playing in the background so I suppose that was one saving grace. LOL

We took the dog up town with us, had a nice walk to get there, we were able to enjoy the first group playing for an hour and we had a nice walk home. The free time with Sir is always nice and the dog got to experience a lot of commotion and new sights (like wheelchairs) and learnt to deal with them so that was also a positive.

All and all the evening was nice but my point in all this is …. Sir never complained, never commented on what a ‘waste’ it might have seemed like and looked perfectly pleased to be escorting me out, even if the evening didn’t turn out quite as planned. We had a few chuckles about the poor old man trying to pull off Elvis (once I asked Him if we could please leave) and we had a lot of fun looking at the different sites and architecture on our way home! 🙂

Once we got home it was time to feed the kids and ourselves, in the rush to leave for the concert and with such a crazy week just past I hadn’t really had any dinner planned, so Sir picked up subs, we ate a nice simple dinner and enjoyed the rest of the evening until bed …

master-randy-paul: “A good Man, a good Dominant. ”

Love You Sir ❤


(Reblog – Go Warriors!) Wonder Woman and BDSM

As a longtime comic book fan, I like to think I know a bit more about comic book characters than fans who only know them through the movies. That said, even non-comic book fans probably know who Wonder Woman is. She’s one of the most iconic fictional characters of the last 70 years, ranking right […]

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I figured out my own guilt long ago, I put it into perspective and I moved forward …

There is not much now that I feel guilty for doing, most of it stems from taking from Sir instead of giving but honestly most of that is gone too.

I’ve given myself parameters and core rules to follow, it helps to have those when you are caught in the thick of it. Life is like one large BDSM stage, if you have it all talked over and agreed upon before you start, all you need now do is follow your own limits!

If you disregard them you will surely regret it, but if you don’t you will be happy and fulfilled and continue to grow ….

BDSM is almost a natural state for me …. very surprised I didn’t start it sooner! (Well maybe I did, but it was self-administered and not at all safe.)

With experience comes wisdom I guess ….

Love You Sir ❤



Confidence and Age = Sexy

I’ve always been very strange in this thought I know …. probably because of my history but I have never once thought that I would like to be young again, I have never once wished for the good old days ….

Now I know when you are little you always wish to be bigger so you can just stay up a few more minutes, or you can just play with a few more ‘big’ toys or you can just have a bit more freedom, etc. etc. …. I did all that too, but it never stopped for me!

When I was a teen (very young teen) I wanted to be old enough to move out on my own, when I was in my 20’s and married and babies I couldn’t wait to be 30, that’s when I would no longer be pregnant, no longer be nursing and my body would be my own again. When I was in my 30’s I couldn’t wait for 40, the kids are bigger, self-sufficient and I have more time to play in life. I can read (love it), I started writing, I can’t decorate cakes like I used to because of my carpal tunnel and tendonitis but I can bake, and I love to experiment with my cooking! I get to have dogs again because I have time to walk them and train them and I can start to take care of just me again!

Don’t get me wrong, my life has been great since my twenties and there is nothing really there I would want to change or do over (0 to 20 is a different story but I wouldn’t anyway because my experiences have made me who I am and I’m very happy with who I am) but I am not afraid of getting older and I am not worried about what I used to look like.

Every year I get more confident and happy in my own skin and every year I get sexier and sexier …. Sex appeal is just as much about confidence and attitude as anything else.

Not me, not yet anyway! 😉

So now in my 40’s I am eagerly awaiting 50! The boys will be away at school, maybe working by then and I should be semi retired by then if not completely. I will have plenty of time for me, and lots of story book kinky fun times with Sir! By then there might not be many other responsibilities and all sorts of time to dedicate to Him ….

Perspective, getting older is awesome! 😀

Can’t change it anyway, might as well be happy about it, don’t you think?

Love You Sir ❤


Because He knows …

Rules, I haven’t got many of them really. I have some but outside of kinky ones the rest are really few and far between. I think the reason I don’t have many rules is because my Sir already knows that I respect Him and will obey, no question, no complaint.

The idea of rules I think (in any situation, not kink) is to keep you from straying, to keep you safe and to teach you right from wrong …. so if you are already doing all these things anyway, what rules can there possibly be to add?

Our rules are more in the ‘spirit of’ than the ‘letter of the law’ … I know that Sir does not want me hurt (kink aside) so if following through would cause harm (physical or emotional) then the rule is put aside until such time as He can be made aware and make a decision. Rule # 1 is to protect nijntje, if I’m an @ss about that to follow some rule, well then I WOULD be in trouble! The spirit of, He knows if it was an honest concern or just an ‘I can’t be bothered right now’.  There is a big difference …..

I would get in trouble for doing too much, not the other way around …. any of you who are like me know just how hard it is to stop. This is probably the truest and biggest rule I have, and the hardest one to follow …. but at the end of the day it’s also the most fulfilling because not only do I get to please Sir, I also learn that I am worth while caring for.

So there might not be many, but they sure can be challenging!!!

Love You Sir ❤

One of these days …

One of these days I’m going to slip up and call my husband Sir, or refer to Him as Sir to a vanilla friend or in a vanilla situation … and it’s going to be a shock to everyone’s system!! LOL

I’m thinking about the fact that a friend of mine has mentioned that she will be alone for a weekend shortly and will likely be asking me over for drinks! No big deal but …. hehehe

I do not use Sir’s given name at anytime when I am talking to Him. I have a few friends I chat with on a regular basis so I refer to Him as Sir in that situation as well and it’s been this way for so long now that I’m starting to do it instinctively when I’m thinking or talking to other’s. In some area’s this might not be a big deal, it’s common and no one would notice really but here, where we live it is NOT a common form of referring to your significant other so it stands out!

I have caught myself a few times on the verge of saying it when talking on the phone or just communicating at work and believe me it would be a huge shock to whomever I said it too …. I know Sir would not like to have to explain any of this to anyone much less to someone we see all the time, it’s just not His way. I’ve mentioned before that we like to keep things understated and pushing our values onto people or ‘flaunting’ our ways is not at all what He is about!

Our rules don’t change, our manners don’t change, He opens all doors for me and orders when we are out to eat regardless of who’s around, He holds my hand when we are out and I ask first before going off and looking at something. He decides if I can and He decides when it’s time to go …. it’s just the calling out of ‘Sir’ when He is away from me that gets complicated! LOL In this situation I use our last name, Mr. ____ and get his attention that way which will normally get a few looks, a few smirks and everyone pretty much thinks it’s cute or funny.

Talking to family or good friends however can sound a bit awkward when I’m talking about my husband and saying Mr. this and Mr. that …. I do it just as much as I can get away with believe me but at some point it just sounds weird!

So I guess we’ll have to see what happens if I do end up out for a couple of drinks …. If I get too relaxed and comfy it may just slip out because that’s just the way of it now a days …. I’m pretty sure my friend knows we play ‘kinky’ but I’m also sure she wouldn’t understand the rest of the story …. although on second thought, they have been around long enough to know how we behave. Humm, maybe it won’t be such a shock to her after all, she’ll just rack it up to my unconventional way of being as a whole! LOL

Love You Sir ❤



Well, there’s this one thing ….

So I have been thinking about this for a little while, thinking about letting you all in on a little secret. I have wondered if perhaps it would help those of you who have been following to get a better picture of what my life really is. There are a couple of you who already know …..

I have, or had, dedicated this site to my dynamic with Sir only. None of the regular goings on of daily life are documented here, or at least they weren’t until I felt like my hand was forced in order to prove that yes I too have lots of other ‘life’ to deal with. The rest of my daily thoughts are posted on a different blog, a blog that has absolutely nothing to do with the dynamic and everything to do with everything else …..

I have thought of merging the two together but not all my followers on the Babadook are going to be interested in my dynamic and frankly I have no intention of pushing my values in this on anyone who is not actively asking. Not everyone who wants to read about Sir and nijntje wants to read about my dogs, or kids, history or garden either … So I will leave it to you!

If you choose to check out nijntje’s Babadook I would suggest starting at the beginning and working your way up. It started as a very frustrated and angry site where I was reliving some of my not so nice childhood memories and dealing with some of the crappy people that have surrounded my life for years. You’ll see very quickly that I just couldn’t maintain that attitude, not even on line …. so I changed it. The posts got to be a little philosophical for a bit and then they just became about whatever happened to be going on at the time.

I do still use the site to vent my frustrations and likely those posts won’t be understood by anyone but Sir, mostly because they do come off as very out of character, or at least I think they do … but it is an outlet for my occasional crazy, so that it doesn’t get to rule me.

Happy Saturday!

Love You Sir ❤



Friday morning fishing ….

Every work day morning Sir comes around to my side of the bed around 4:30 am, traces my body with His hand from toe to top. Slowly …. feeling my lines, deciphering which way I’m lying in the dark, sometimes He lingers in a place, or two! 😉

Once He reaches the top He places a kiss on my forehead and whispers something about the day in my ear …. today however the Bear got caught! It was a surprise attack by the bunny!! LOL

I reached out and grabbed Him close and squished Him to me and said “You stay …. ?!?!” I could feel the smile spread over His lips.

‘Ah that’s nice nijntje’ He says to me ‘but I’m afraid it’s catch and release!’

Hummm, I’m going to have to set up a petition!

Happy Friday!

Love You Sir ❤